Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snaggle Tooth

After a week of what seemed to be sheer torture for Mason and I, his first two teeth broke through. Many a Motrin, teething tablets, frozen wash cloths, and teething rings later, I realized that nothing really seems to sooth the pain for little dude. Baby Oragel works for a whopping 2.5 seconds, and the endless screaming then resumes.

He refuses to let you look at them. He musy be embarrassed of his Waffle House grin. I personally think it just happena to be the most precious thing ever. I was afraid the new toothy smile couldn't compare to his gummy baby grin, but I guess parents are right when they say, 'Just when you think they couldn't get any cuter...'

Mason is also sitting up with a little assistance. He has to work on his balance some more. He is also eating solids now of carrots, sweet potatoes, peas, and squash. The kid loves peas. Strange. However, at almost 19lbs now, I think he's content on having any food put into his mouth.

Where did my sweet, quiet, snuggly newborn go? He turned into a screaming, pea-eating, sleeping-through-the-night, playful but cranky, tiny terrorist. Ahhh the joys of motherhood.


Mary Beth said...

frozen washcloths! that's genius! poor little Mason! We are going through the same thing right now...Molly Grace's 3RD tooth just broke through! It is NOT easy! Molly Grace loves peas too! It's so crazy how much they love these veggies now, hopefully they'll both eat them later in life! We need to visit you guys soon! It's been too long! Thats funny about Mason not letting you look at them, Molly Grace bit me the last time I tried to look! I'm definitely going to be using the frozen washcloths! You are a great

Jessica said...

Aww thanks Mary Beth! I hope you and MG are doing well. 3 teeth! Wow! :) Our little ones are growing up too fast! I'm panicking because it says your blog cannot be found! Fix it fix it! And update! :)
Beautiful new hair do by the way!