Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Significance of Dreams Part 2

So you've read my dream. Now let's interpret it. Although I do not consider myself a religious person, I am spiritual. I don't believe in a Christian Heaven or Hell, but I do believe that the existence of life extends beyond the physical.
I also feel that dreams have a more powerful meaning that a mere random stream of subconscious thoughts, and sometimes these dreams can speak to us in different ways.
Mimi and Papa were so very dear to me, and I miss them beyond words can express. After their passing, I've had maybe two dreams with either of them in it. These past dreams did not have both Mimi and Papa in them, just one or the other. The hospital dream I had was the first dream I've had since their passing that actually had both of them in it.
I've always thought that Mimi and Papa would want to be around, to check in and see how everyone is doing, and to be with us during important points in our lives. As a deceased person, I'd know that I would want to do the same with those members of my family still living.
I think this dream was a way of reassuring me that when their great-grandchild is born, they won't miss it. Even though they can't be with us physically, they can still be with us somehow.
It was very calming and reassuring to me. I told my mom that the strangest thing to me was that I had been thinking in the weeks before of how sad it was that my child will never know such amazing and wonderful people.

The Significance of Dreams Part 1

So I've been told that with pregnancy comes extremely detailed, vivid, and crazy pregnancy dreams. And after reading my uncle's blog post on his dreams, and my mom's encouragement to blog about the dreams I've been having, I thought I'd give it a shot.
Since I am at my mom's doing laundry, I can actually have internet access longer than 2.5 seconds.
First of all, I'd like to give some sort of a background on my dreaming. When I was younger, like most kids, I had nightmares and dreams on a constant nightly basis. As I got older my dreams subsided, but then picked up in consistency around the age of 19 or 20. Most of my dreams in my early adult years have been those random crazy dreams, with only a few of those having any significant meaning behind them whatsoever.
So here is my dream. The dream started with me actually waking up from sleep in my bedroom in an immense amount of pain. I realized that I was having contractions and woke Mr. H to take me straight to the hospital. Of course in dream world, a split second later we were getting out of the car at Floyd Hospital to walk into the main entrance. As soon as the automatic doors slid open, we saw my grandfather (Papa) walk from our left, straight in front of us, to our right. Of course Papa has passed, and in my dream, Adam and I knew this. It's not like he was a living person, and we were living in a world were my grandparents had yet to pass on. We knew he wasn't alive, and Adam and I exchanged this look of shock and curiosity. Adam then says "What is he doing here?", to which I replied "I have no idea".
We weaved our way up to the third floor, Labor & Delivery, which is literally one hall away from the room that Papa passed away in. As soon as the elevator doors opened, we saw him walking down the hallway away from us. I told Adam to hold on, and I followed him. He walked directly into the hospital room that he spent his last weeks of life, and my grandmother (Mimi) was standing there. They didn't notice me, but I was watching. And Mimi grabbed her purse and said "Are you ready? Let's go."
I turned, met up with Adam, and we went to Labor & Delivery to be admitted. Moments later, I was in the hospital bed surrounded by Mom, Phil, Cole, Christy, and Adam. Outside of my room window, propped up ever so casually was Mimi and Papa. They were face to face with one another, laughing and chatting. I kept asking Adam "Why are they here? I don't understand". And in my dream, all I felt was constant anxiety and curiosity. I would equate it to the feeling of a falling dream. Waking up and feeling like you can't catch your breath, and the feeling of panic. So then Adam turns to me and says "Sweetie, they are here because you want them to be. It's a big day and you wanted them to be a part of it. So they are here."
Immediately I felt a sense of calm, peace, and relief. It was as if this anguish and grief in my heart was immediately lifted.
And then I woke up.

Quick Update

My internet service is on the fritz, and normally only lets me stay online for a total of 30 seconds or less. So I thought I'd give a quick update while it's actually letting me stay online.
Mr. H felt the little guy move for the first time last night (only one day after I was able to feel him). That was wonderful. He seemed pretty excited.
Our air conditioning is completely out too. Which completely sucks considering it is summer weather in April.
And only 11 more days until we head to the beach! I am soooo beyond ready for it. Since our vacations are normally filled with lots of booze and good times, its definitely going to be a different experience this time. Fun none the less. Which also means...time to find a maternity bathing suit. Gag!
That's it for now. Hopefully once we get this internet crap fixed I'll actually be able to update a little more.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Outsiders

This weekend was great. Mr. H and I went to Lake Lanier with my mom and step-dad and spent Saturday and Sunday on the house boat. It was very relaxing, and I think we both enjoyed the time away from the house. It definitely put me in beach mode, and luckily we only have a little less than two weeks before we are chillaxing and relaxing.
On the way home yesterday, little man gave me the biggest kick yet. I was sitting in the car, and it nearly took my breath away. I've been able to feel a kick here (and when I mean feel, I mean from the outside of my belly), but not really anything substantial. As he's growing his kicks are still so infrequent, but yesterday topped them all. After the first initial kick, I put my hand where he had just beat me up. After about 30 seconds I was thinking "Oh well, that was it for today." And he surprised me and kicked me really hard again! And I was able to feel it perfectly. This proceeded for about ten or twelve more mighty baby kicks, and I was in bliss. Of course Mr. H got discouraged because he couldn't really take his hands off the wheel to feel a good kick. But I assured him that there would be many more baby kicks in the future, and he wouldn't miss those.
Well last night, I was laying in the bed, and I was really hoping he'd start kicking again so I could get Mr. H to feel. So I rolled over on my side and started poking and smushing around my belly, and sure enough, the little guy kicked away in protest of all the smushing. At this point however, Mr. H was pretty much snoring, so I didn't wake him. But it was exciting to see that we've already developed a new aspect of our relationship. That is, my son and I. The kind of relationship where I can actually interact with him, even if he's in there for now and I'm from the outside world. It's a truly wonderful feeling that I could never get tired of. Of course, I know it's much more wonderful to replace that with the little guy in my arms. But for now, I know that I have something that can hold me over until he is actually here with us.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Au Naturale or Pain Management?

This has been something I have definitely read into extensively and received lots of opinions about. Personally, I feel that the childbirth experience should reflect solely on what that individual mother plans and expects her experience to be. It is a very personal occasion in which the mother can choose exactly under what circumstances/in what environment they choose. Of course most women opt for the pain free labors and deliveries with good reason. Most women argue that there is pain relief there for a reason, so why not take it?
With that being said, I have opted for the natural method of childbirth. No epidural. This, of course, is if I do not need a c-section. But it's my plan. For me personally, I think that the experience would be more gratifying if I were not on pain medication.
Mr. H and I have discussed different aspects of the birthing process, and what our wants and dislikes are. We've both made it a point that we do not want a barrage of people coming into the birthing room 15 minutes after the birth of our child, and passing him around for an hour or so before he is taken off for tests for 3 hours. I find this to be extremely impersonal. I know our families will be extremely excited about our little guy's arrival, but considering that Mr. H and I made this baby ourselves, and I will have carried him for 10 months, I think that the time immediately after delivery should be reserved solely for Mom, Dad, and Baby only. And if people think that we're being selfish because we don't want to pass around our baby (that we've been anxiously waiting to meet), then they can think that. The baby isn't gonna get up and walk out of the hospital. Four hours later he will be back in the room ready for visitors.
So far, those are definitely the two things I am set on when it comes to my birth plan. I think a lot of women don't take into considering that they can have their labor/delivery experience go exactly the way they want it to. Especially when it comes to hospital births. It's like women through their hands up and think that the hospital dictates every aspect of what is going on.
I am hoping that what I end up wanting in a few months will end up going as planned. I obviously realize that things could go the exact opposite in any given situation. So we'll see how that goes when the time comes. But for right now, I'm definitely thinking about what I want, which is a good first step.

Friday, April 24, 2009

21 Weeks and The Weekend

Baby gulps down several ounces of amniotic fluid every day, both for hydration and nutrition and to practice swallowing and digesting. And, these days, those taste buds actually work! Studies show that after birth, babies are most interested in tastes they've already experienced through amniotic fluid. Meaning, think about what you want your future child to eat as you prepare your own lunch.

So I am 21 weeks! Over halfway there now! What an exciting and anxiety-ridden ride. Only 19 weeks to go! Of course, that's depending on when little man actually wants to make his debut.
The weekend is here and I am so glad that it is. The weather is wonderful, and I plan on laying out today and working on some sort of base tan before we go to the beach. Only two more weeks!
I'm hoping to have my baby shower sometime in June, so we've been chatting about plans for it. I think I just want to have it as soon as possible so I can see what remaining items we'll need to purchase. I never realized how many things babies require. I'm ready to get some nursery progress going again. I am hoping to get some things together for a yard sale and make some extra cash to put towards the little guys things. We still need a changing table, dresser, night stand, and the glider/ottoman. In all, I know we have plenty of time to get those things, but I am just ready for the room to be done and ready for the little guy to use.
Everyone have a good weekend! Enjoy this weather, since we never know from one day to the next how it's going to be here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dogs, Aprons, and Pictures OH MY!

I really don't have a purpose of writing today. This blog is specifically due to sheer boredom. Cheers to being unemployed and pathetic!
Baby updates. Let's see. None really. Moving on.
Mr. H got one half of the yard fenced in yesterday, which is awesome. We are trying to finish fencing it in before the little guy gets here so that we can throw our annoying ass dog outside 24/7. And to expand on that a bit, never ever jokingly say that you want a baby or a puppy. (That way you can scare the crap out of your husband and talk him into getting you a puppy). Because in my case, I got the puppy, and found out three weeks later I was getting the baby as well. And within the next few days started to realize how much I DIDN'T want the puppy.
I guess I'm not a dog person. Well, I don't guess, I know I'm not. I thought having a big dog was different than having little yippy annoying crap bag. But it's not. They are just very large, knock you over, bark-louder-than-a-ships-horn, dig-holes to-China-in-your-back-yard, annoying crap bags.
Enough of that.
I made an apron that had a crooked pocket on it, but it was my first attempt in the sewing department and I was damn proud. Next project is decorative pillows for my couch. I mean, heck, if I can sew them, I don't have to spend $30 per pillow from Crate and Freaking Barrel. And any area that we can save is simply awesome.
Here is a picture that I took that I thought was just pretty awesome as well. I took it awhile back, but I love it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

The Growth of the Bump & The Awesome News!

First off, let's start this off with a baby bump picture. I've been promising to put one up for awhile now, and I've gotten huge compared to the last belly pic I posted (which was 4 weeks ago). So here it is. My big ass belly.

Excuse our dirty bathroom mirror. I'm slacking off a little in the house cleaning department. But our little man getting bigger and bigger!
Well my appointment went great. I got a ton of baby pictures (which I will post in the next few days, I just gotta get them on the computer first). The best news in the world...I no longer have placenta previa!! It completely corrected itself, and now I don't have to fear being on bedrest the entire third trimester or being required to have a c-section! And the best news is I'm no longer on pelvic bed rest!
Based on the ultrasound, the Doc said everything looks normal, everything is there and as it should be, and baby is measuring right on schedule. Woohoo! Very good news all around.
So my next appointment will be in May, and I'll be about 25 weeks then. Just checking fundal height, heartbeat, and so forth. I cannot WAIT for this little guy to get here already!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When it Rains...It Pours

So life hasn't been exactly routine ever since I lost my job. And I really hate that phrase. "Lost my job". I didn't lose it. I knew where it was. I was laid off. My employers decided that I was no longer needed for the business. Boo. It sucks. That's life, move on.
But it seems that when you are unemployed, the bills steadily increase in amount and in number. And not only that, but things that you don't necessarily want to pay for and are completely out of your hands also creep up on your door.
For example, let's just list a few things that have happened recently, that on a suck scale, I'd have to rate it an S-10. Suckass to the max.
1). Our washing machine is broken. Luckily, my mother doesn't mind me coming over once or twice a week to get the stink out of our clothes.
2). Mr. H's truck, that he pays roughly $450 on a month, needed a new battery and a new motor. Battery - check, motor - maybe when we finish up paying for little man's college.
3). My battery in my vehicle was dead. (Thanks to my loving husband, it is now replaced. $200 later for two dead batteries. Crikey).
4). And last but not least, although vacation will be an enjoyment, it will be a big strain on our pockets.
Love it, love it, love it. The joys of being unemployed, broke, married, and expecting. All a day in the life of moi.
But as they say, "There is a light at the end of the tunnel." or "This too shall pass".
So here's to hoping that tunnel is short and well lit, and there is a big ass light ready to blind our asses in the end.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Crib Bedding

I thought I would post a couple of pictures of how the crib bedding turned out. I think it's perfect!

So that's it for now. I will post more pictures as the nursery progresses.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Weekend is Here!

So I finished registering, and I got a ton of stuff to start off with (the big stuff mainly). I did pick out the most perfect glider in the whole entire world, and I am hoping that Adam and I can save for that and the matching ottoman. I sat in it, and pictured many late nights and early mornings that would be spend in that chair, with my new little man in my arms.
We're kinda going with a monkey theme. A little bit, not too much. Once I get back home, I'll have to post pictures of the nursery progress so far (which isn't too much) so you can get a general idea of the color scheme. I did pick out a pretty changing table that matches the crib as well. It's only $119 bucks and I have a coupon for 10% off. Any savings helps when it comes to baby stuff.
Steph went with us, and I realized how particular I am about baby clothes. I realized that the majority of newborn baby clothes are tacky. Which is just lovely. It's going to be hard to find things I like for my little guy. I'm just not all into the whole "Squeeze Me I'm Adorable" onesies and crap. We know you will be little guy, but we won't need a onesie that says it to announce it to the world.
Who knows what this weekend will bring, but it's gorgeous out! (At least for today) I'd love to get out and do some things in the yard or just be outside. We'll see how it goes. I may end up going home and laying out.
Baby is getting really big everyone! I'll post some baby belly pictures soon! Oh, and could someone pass me a glass of fresh homemade lemonade please? I've been craving this forEVER!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Half Baked

Baby's digestive system is busy creating meconium (a tarry black substance made of swallowed amniotic fluid, digestive secretion and dead cells), which will fill the first diaper after birth. And, speaking of the diaper situation... baby's genitals are now fully formed!

And for the guys, according to the "Guys Chart for Baby Growth", our little man is the size of one "nice sized boob".
So I have reached my halfway mark! I am so thrilled! I am super excited about my 20 week appointment next week, which will go over all of his measurements, possible change of due date, and looking at all of his internal organs to check him out. How exciting! Any ultrasound is exciting, but I am really looking forward to this one especially. As many of you know, I was diagnosed with placenta previa when I was 12 weeks, and I haven't had an ultrasound since to see if it has corrected itself. Almost 90% of cases correct themselves well before the due date, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we will hopefully see some progress in the right direction!

Other than that, in some exciting news, Mr H and I are going to Babies R Us this afternoon to register! Hopefully I won't go overboard and tag everything in the entire store!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Halfway There!

These are just so much easier than writing an entire blog post that basically answers all of these questions anyways. Love it.
How far along? 19 weeks and 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: 6 pounds in 20 weeks!
Maternity clothes? Everything is maternity now.
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: What sleep? I've tried it all. Sleep just sucks right now.
Best moment this week: I felt little man move from the OUTSIDE twice. Adam missed it of course, and it hasn't happened since, but I still loved it.
Movement: Like crazy.
Food cravings: Cool Whip, Diet Coke, Soups of any kinds
Gender: Little man
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
What I miss: Sleeping on my stomach.
What I am looking forward to: My doctors appointment next Wednesday. I'm looking forward to the ultrasound and seeing how big he has gotten!
Weekly Wisdom: Don't tell me if you like/don't like the name we've decided on (MOTHER). I'm pregnant, hormonal, and I'll cap your ass. And ultimately, it doesn't matter if 99% of the population hates the name we pick or loves it, we are still naming our kid that. :)
Milestones: Reaching my halfway point this week!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Thoughts on my little man

I know I found out a few weeks ago that we were having a boy, but I'm starting to get really stoked about it now. Don't get me wrong, I was to begin with, but with every passing day it is just more and more exciting.
I'm really not sure what he's going to look like, but I think he will probably resemble Mr. H much more so than me. Some people think that mother's hate it when their children don't really favor them. Well, I can honestly say that it is the exact opposite for me. I think he's going to have more Hawaiin features, dark hair, darker skin (I've always been jealous of Mr. H's year round tan, and his eyes. Of course I have to wait for almost 20 more weeks to find out who he's going to look like, and most infants don't really "favor" one parent or the other.
I can't wait until he's a little older, and I can chase him around the yard, play in the dirt, and take him fishing.
It seems so far away, but I know the rest of this pregnancy will fly by, and soon he'll be in my arms. I can't wait to put a face to the little man who is getting more and more active inside my belly every day.
And speaking of names...I think it's official. Adam and I have decided on a name.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Adam's "Rock Star Party"

Here are a few pictures from Adam's 24th Birthday Bash, where the theme was dressing as your favorite rock star. Of course, rock star changed just to favorite music group, singer, whatever.

Mom as Paula Abdul, and I forgot what Phil was supposed to be.

T-Boz and Left Eye

Left Eye and Chili

The boys were country singers (of course). They never specified who, so we all just said they looked like Jake and Heath from Brokeback Mountain.

17 Week Baby Belly, 2 weeks late

Just excuse the ridiculously high waisted, and ever-so-attractive maternity pants.
Thank you.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Video Friday

Here is an example of something I no longer can do. Not really appropriate to watch if you are at work or something(cursing and alcohol). But I came across this at Mom's, and sheesh, it really made me miss tequila.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

19 Weeks!

Vernix caseosa, a greasy white substance made of lanugo, oil and dead skin cells (yum) now coats baby's skin, shielding it from the amniotic fluid. (Picture yourself after a nine-month bath, and the need for protection makes sense.) You might actually get to see the vernix at birth, especially if baby is premature.

I am 19 weeks today! Only one week away from being at my halfway point! Woohooo! That is definitely exciting.
I have noticed a BIG difference in my belly this week. I keep thinking "Well, if I'm already this big, how big am I GOING to get?" Pretty scary. Ha!
Mr. H's birthday is tomorrow. He'll be the big 24! Getting old! We are going to have a "Rock Star" party at my mom's house this weekend for his celebration. We're supposed to dress as our favorite rock stars, but since none of mine are female, and really have anything that makes them stand out (for example, Kiss), we have picked some early 90s R&B stars:) I'll definitely post the pictures. It's going to be fun.
We're trying to get the boys to dress up too. They hate dressing up. Since they both have all of the redneck attire, we told them to dress up as country singers. Hey, it's better than no costume at all. Maybe we can talk them into it.
I started receiving my unemployment today. So that is definitely going to help us out a lot. The biggest problem for me, and most everyone knows this, is that its going to be 100% harder to find someone to hire a pregnant lady who is halfway through and wants to take 2 months off for maternity leave. At least not for what I was getting paid for at my previous job. It will be a struggle, but we will make it work.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!
-Mrs. H & Baby H

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Vegetable Soup and Cornbread

Snow in April. I still don't know why people think this is actually going to happen. I saw two flurries maybe. Maybe one. Whatever.
But since it's a cold day, and since I have nothing better to do, I am making vegetable soup and cornbread. And I thought I'd share this really easy recipe because it's pretty much awesome.

Easy Vegetable Soup


1 Large Can of Veg-All (Large Vegetables)
1 Large Can of Veg-All (Small Vegetables)
1 Can Diced Tomatoes
1 Can Tomato Sauce
2 Can of Additional Vegetables (This is a preference. I love corn, so I add two more cans of corn). You can add okra, green beans, corn, whatever.
2 Lbs of ground beef or 2lbs of boiled chicken (preference)
Salt and pepper to taste
Hot sauce to taste


Brown the ground beef in a pan and drain. If using chicken, boil chicken, let cool, and pull apart.
In a crock pot add all of the canned ingredients and either the chicken or the beef.
Cook on low overnight. Or, throw this together in the morning/lunch time, cook on high for 5-6 hours.
Place in bowls, may want to let cool for 5 minutes, and serve!

My Mom's Redneck Cornbread


2 Cups Cornmeal
2 Eggs
1 1/2 - 2 cups milk
Dash of Salt
5 1/2 tablespoons of Crisco


Preheat oven to 450 degrees

Place the cornmeal in a bowl. In a separate small bowl, beat eggs. Mix eggs into cornmeal. Add milk in slowly. It should have a soupy consistency, and depending upon the weather (It's a southern thing), you'll be able to figure out eventually that exact soupy consistency. You may end up not using all 2 cups of milk.

Place a seasoned cast iron skillet on the stove on medium heat and add Crisco. Let this melt until and begin to pop. Swish around to coat the skillet, and then pour Crisco into cornmeal mix. Pour cornmeal mix into skillet and place on bottom rack in the oven. Cook time is approximately 30-45 minutes. Keep checking, inserting a knife to see if done. Cornbread will turn golden brown on top, indicating that it is done!

Serve with butter or put into vegetable soup! Delicious! :)

Pregnancy Shopping

I'm talking groceries. Last night Mr. H and I went to the grocery store to "get a few things" to last us throughout the week.
So, $150 later, our shopping cart was filled with random assortments such as: chocolate covered doughnuts, Lucky Charms, $15 New York Strips, a can of Cool Whip, pickles, mangos, Creamy Tomato Soup (only to eat with popcorn and/or grilled cheese), and chicken pot pies.
Chicken pot pies? Seriously? I think the last time I ate one of these I was about 12 years old.
But thanks to a trip to KFC with my good friend Stephanopolis, I started to reminisce about eating those things when I was a kid. And just the thought of it, made me have to buy 3. Mr. H said "I won't eat any of those". My reply was "I know you won't. Because I was getting them all for myself."
End of discussion buddy.
Grocery shopping pregnant is like grocery shopping when your hungry intensified by 100. It's not like buying $200 worth of groceries because your hungry. You grocery selection is dependent on what exactly you have been craving at any given moment for the past 2-4 weeks.
My mother knows I've been wanting a mango since day 1 of this pregnancy. Welp, I finally gots 'em Mamasita. And I am going to enjoy every bite.
So forewarning to anyone who may have found out you're pregnant, or planning on getting there one day. Your budget for groceries will double (and for good reason) and your house will be stocked full of the most random assortment of foods. So start saving now. And hopefully your husband too will look at you when you pick up that can of Cool Whip and say "Let me guess, the baby needs it?"
You are damn right the baby needs it. Back off.

Monday, April 6, 2009


And so after looking at every baby website known to man, I finally found the bedding that I wanted! I was wanting to go with a blue/green/brown color scheme. The more I looked at this one, the more I liked it and thought it would flow. Also, another thing was the "themes". I was going to settle for jungle animals, but I really didn't like the idea. I want it to look good, and like a nursery, but not a tacky nursery.
So this is what I got! I love it! I am so excited to get the rest of the nursery painted, and the crib mattress in so I can put this all together. I think it's going to look great!
Little man is moving around a lot this week. His kicks/punches/whatever they are, are getting stronger by the day. I can't wait to be able to feel him from the outside, so Adam will be able to feel just how hard the little guy likes to beat up my insides.
I did go to the unemployment office last week. How pathetic. I felt so out of place and wanted to get the heck out of there as soon as possible. I will be hearing from them sometime this week or next week about how much I'll be getting and for how long. Every little bit will help us out.
I've also considered doing some craftsy things to sell on etsy, but we'll see how that goes. Most of the time I have absolutely nothing to do during the day while Mr. H is at work, so maybe I can get creative. :) I definitely made some pretty cute things for my wedding, so I might put those skills to the test once again!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

SAHM. (Stay at Home Mom)

I haven't been able to post in a few days since my internet has been down. Last Tuesday I was laid off from my job at State Farm. Pretty much sucks. I've never been fired or laid off in my entire life. But the agent was moving to Dalton, a new agent was coming to Rome, and basically wanted new staff. So it sucks. But that's life.

Mr. H may possibly be getting a route sometime soon, which would basically give him a raise of what my income was PLUS some. If that's the case, I can be a stay at home mom. Mr. H wants me to be at home with our baby boy anyways, and so do I. I think I would be lucky to be able to do that. Not many women have a husband who brings home enough bacon to support themselves and their child. So if we can do it, I'm definitely going to. If not, I don't mind going back to work, it's just the cost of daycare that sucks.

But seriously, who lays off a pregnant chick? One who is almost to the middle of her pregnancy even? It was definitely an eye opener. My entire day was filled with "But how are we going to take care of the baby?" and "How will be able to afford food, paying bills, the house, your truck, and a kid?" Not comforting thoughts. Luckily Mr. H was very kind and considerate (and knows that talking to a pregnant woman is like walking on eggshells).

In the end, we will make it work. Life tends to just fall into place when you aren't even watching. And I know it will. Little man is such a blessing, right now it's hard to be down about anything.

-Mom and Baby H.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dear Baby H,

I know you need to grow, but cheesus kid, Mommy does NOT want to be as big as a house by the time you want to introduce yourself to the world. You can't just let me have one bowl of Lucky Charms? Nope. Gotta make me eat two bowls. TWO bowls.
And seriously, I try to eat the stuff you want, but sometimes I'd like a glass of OJ. What's wrong with OJ? It's good for you, it's good for me. It tastes good to Mommy. It's a win win. But noooo, you said no OJ. Fine. Motherhood is all about making sacrifices. I get it. Let's just leave it at the OJ. Don't take anymore good stuff away. Please.
And let's just try not to wake Mommy up anymore at 5 am in the morning with all your dancing around. I mean, it's cute and all, but Mommy needs her rest. Seriously. When you are actually here, you can wake me up everday at 5 am. Right now, I'd like to get as much sleep as I can.
Remember Mommy loves you, but if we could just compromise a little. K? Awesome.
Thanks little man.