Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Beautiful Weather

So it has been gorgeous here for the past few days and I absolutely love it. What I love about this time of year...

The cool fall air
Little man. Because, of course, I love him all year round.
Sitting outside with a cup of coffee and a good book on a cool evening.
The fair. I don't really enjoy going but I think it's required to really make it feel like fall.
Listening to good music with the windows open while I clean house. (Weird how the weather puts me in the cleaning mood.)

There are many other things I love about fall, but these stick out the most.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I hope to raise you to become a wonderful, genuine, amazing person.

I hope I raise you to know that you're family loves you more than anything, and we'll always be here for you.

I wish you could stay as innocent as you are now.

I love how you stare at me so intensely, and look for me when you hear my voice.

I love holding you in my arms, and wish I could forever.

I know that with every passing day I will just love you more and more than the day before.

I never knew it was possible to have so much love in my life.

I never knew how you would change so much for your Dad and I, and bring so much joy and love into our lives.

I love kissing your little toes and fingers, especially when it makes you smile.

I'm so glad that you are here, that you are ours, and you'll always be in our lives.

I never want you to hurt or feel alone. Your Dad and I will always try to make sure you are happy, and you will definitely be loved.

I never knew I would be scared to see you grow up...scared of missing how wonderful you are now. I know you'll become more and more wonderful, but sometimes I wish I could push the pause button on life right now.

I'll always love you. No matter what.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wedding Anniversary

Today is our one year wedding anniversary. So far, it has been wonderful! After taking care Mason half of the night, the Mr. took care of him this morning so I could sleep in. I didn't get out of bed until 12:30! It was so nice to catch up on some zzz's.
Then my wonderful Mom offered to come over and watch the little guy for us so we could get out of the house and be alone for a little while. We definitely enjoyed ourselves! We got out and had a late lunch at Chili's and went shopping around at the mall. I had some birthday money to spend, and some non-maternity clothes to buy! So it was the first time I had been "real" shopping in over 10 months! Of course I enjoyed it.
My husband on the other hand buys $9 worth of gummy candy, and $2 to experience what 78 mile per hour winds felt like inside of a plastic cage. What a big kid. (Love you sweetheart ;)
When Mason is older, they will have so much fun together.
Overall, it was a great anniversary! I'm hoping to spend the rest of the evening relaxing and being lazy. Let's home Mason wants to do the same!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crazy Nights, Lazy Days

Life with a 2 week old is pretty hectic. I know that with time things will get easier. Compared to what I have heard with other babies his age, apparently we can't really complain too much.
He's getting into more of a routine, waking up every 3 hours to eat, then falling back to sleep shortly after. It's just draining to do this throughout the night alone. Mr. H works like a maniac, so I give him the nights to rest and relax since I can nap during the day and he can't. That's just the way it has to be. He helps out so much during the evenings after work and on his off days, but the nights are probably the hardest on me. Sometimes Mason fusses more at night, and just wants to be held until he falls asleep. He also dirties his diaper more during the night, so he isn't really sleeping for those 2 and a half hour stretches.
I know I'm new at this, and eventually will get a rhythm going. But unfortunately, I still haven't completely recovered from the delivery, and in combination with the lack of sleep, it takes a devestating toll on the body and mind. Yes, I am napping when Mason naps throughout the day, but I can only do that so much. Laundry still has to be done, food must be eaten, showers taken, and house cleaned. It's definitely hard to find time to do all these in such short intervals throughout the day. Just when you think you've got time to finish something, you just get started before you have to stop.
My family is my world. I know we are doing a great job being Mason's parents, but it certainly is exhausting. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who has a good paying job that allows me to be at home with Mason, and who helps me as much as he can.
And Mason is doing great. We got to finally see his little belly button today, and he's a happy little man. Let's keep our fingers crossed that in the weeks to come, he will sleep more and more throughout the night!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life With A One Week Old

Hectic, exhausting, messy, and perfect. I couldn't have imagined it any different honestly.

Just in the short week he has been in our lives, Mason went from being a fussy little man who wouldn't sleep at all during the night, to a happy, content baby that sleeps for 4 hour intervals now. Last night the Mr. and I got up around 4 to get him fed and changed, and he didn't wake up again until a little after 8 this morning.

Breastfeeding is a whole different story. The first day or two that Mason was home from the hospital, he didn't have many wet diapers. The day went on, and we started to get a little concerned. He was more fussy than anything, and as new parents, we just couldn't figure out why. So that evening we decided it was best to supplement with formula for the time being, and that was a good call. He has been such a happy camper since then, and of course, when Mason is happy, Mom and Dad are happy.

I can't get enough of him. When he sleeps during the day I miss him, even though he's right there. Of course I stare at him constantly, and want to hold him all the time.

As far as my recovery process goes, I am still pretty sore. It's really hard to take the time to take care of yourself when you have a little man that needs to be taken care of. His wants and needs will always come before mine, and I am very fine with that! I just need to take some relaxation time for myself, or the recovery process might be a little longer than it needs to be.

I love Mason so much, and the lack of sleep and sanity is completely worth it. Adam has been an amazing father and exceeded my expectations. I'm luckily to have two wonderful people to make up my family.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Mason's Birth Story

I'm going to do this as fast as I can, since Mason is in between feedings and Mr. H will need a break soon. So I may leave a few things out, but I'll try to get as much detail as possible.

Wednesday night we were admitted to Floyd at 6pm. I was set up very quickly, and was getting ready to start Cytotec (an inducting medication) later that evening. After a few hours of being monitored though, the nurses were surprised to see that I was having consistent contractions on my own that apparently I couldn't feel.

After talking to my doctor, they decided to skip the Cytotec and go straight to the Pitocin. I was pretty happy about this, because I know it would make things go a little quicker. So after being at the hospital for 2 hours, I was on the Pitocin drip to get things started.

I slept throughout the night, and sometime Thursday morning the doc came in to check my dilation. I was at 3 cm! Progress was happening. Of course I was on pain meds for the contractions, so I continued to sleep throughout the day. Sometime after a nap, the doctor said it was time to break my water. After that, the contractions started getting stronger, but still managable. After my pain medication had worn off, I paged the nurse to give me another boost. She suggested getting the epidural, but I was very hesitant to do so. After some convincing, I decided to go ahead and get it. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Around 5pm the nurse checked my progress, and I was at 5cm. I heard the news, new it would still be awhile, and drifted off to sleep. I woke up to the doctor being in the room asking me when I was last checked. I told her I wasn't sure since I had been napping, so she decided to check me again. She laughed and announced "Well you are fully dilated and +1 station!". Mason was on the way! She wanted me to continue to labor some more, but I didn't think it would be for 2 more hours. I started to panic since Mr. H was sleeping, and Mom and Steph weren't in the room at the moment. So I hollered (yes, hollered) at Mr. H to run and get them, since I was thinking it was going to be any minute.

The nurse checked me one more time when I asked her if I could get a little more meds in my epidural. She literally told me not to cough or sneeze, as it could potentially make Mason come out on his own. She called the doctor, who was 10 minutes away, and said she would call as soon as she got to the hospital to have me start pushing. We got the phone call, and delivery began. I've heard horror stories of women having to push for 2+ hours. I pushed once and the nurses told me I had to stop and wait on the doctor to get there, since the baby would come in the next push or two. I was pretty amazed.

Two pushes later, and Mason was born at 7:47 pm on September 3, 2009, weighing 8lbs 13.6oz and measuring 19 inches long. Mr. H and Mom were in the delivery room with me and were very, very supportive. When I saw him for the first time, I cried. It was so wonderful to see my little man and hear his little donkey cry. (Yes, he sounded like a little donkey.) I never thought I could fall in love so quickly with someone. He is a beautiful little man who I love with all my heart. I've never in my life experienced something so wonderful.

As far as how life with a newborn has been going, I will post that later. It is tiring and wonderful at the same time. But I've got to get ready for Mason's first doctor's appointment today. So once I have some free time I can post how that went.

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind to help us out. From letting us shower or nap, to getting us the things we need but don't have time to get, to keeping us company from going stir crazy, we appreciate everything everyone has done. It means the world to us that we have such a wonderful support system of family and friends who will go out of their way for Mr. H, Mason, and myself. So a huge thanks to everyone from our new little family.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Last Post As A Pregnant Person

It's official. 6pm tonight is the beginning of Mason's eviction. I just got back from my doctor's appointment, and made very little progress. 1cm dilated (better than nothing) and 50% effaced. Got my orders for the induction, and now I am at home freaking out.
There is a lot of things to do, and no time to do them in. So guess what? I'm not worried about it at all! I'm going to make sure my bag is packed up, then I'm going to get a great big meal, and head to the hospital.
Unfortunately Mr. H can't take me there, since he will still be working. So Mom is heading over shortly to be my driver.
Hard to believe that the next post I will officially be a Mom.
Mason, since you decided to be so stubborn, we are making you come out! I can't wait to meet you little handsome man. Let's just try to make this whole labor and delivery thing very, very easy on Mom. I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Won't You Come Out To Play

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence won't you come out to play

Dear Prudence open up your eyes
Dear Prudence see the sunny skies
The wind is low the birds will sing
That you are part of everything
Dear Prudence won't you open up your eyes?

Look around round
Look around round round
Look around

Dear Prudence let me see you smile
Dear Prudence like a little child
The clouds will be a daisy chain
So let me see you smile again
Dear Prudence won't you let me see you smile?

Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play
Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day
The sun is up, the sky is blue
It's beautiful and so are you
Dear Prudence won't you come out to play