Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stress Diet

This really can't be helped. I'm trying to eat and all, but I'm nauseated most of the time.
So, I'm down 11.5 pounds from my start weight. Woohoo! I weight 192.4 or some junk.
Whatever works. Pft.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Sucks

I thought I would take a moment to catch up on my blog while Mason naps. Mason is doing so good. He is learning to crawl extremely fast, get into everything, sit up, and pull up. He's such a happy baby. He giggles and smiles a lot, and I just hope that means I'm doing something right.

Everyone knows by now that my marriage situation is not a good one. I tried not to blog about it, because it is such a personal matter, but I guess I feel like I need to for myself and Mason. This blog was for Mason, and I guess one day he will know (however the situation turns out) what happened.

The Mr. and I are no longer together. My heart has been broken into a million pieces. It was really unexpected to me, and he hasn't been home in a few weeks. We don't really speak much at all, and when we do, it's regarding Mason and not what the heck is going on.

Right now, I honestly don't know what is going on. I'm completely clueless, shocked, and hurt.

I take it day by day, and try to continue being the best mom I can be for Mason. Because right now, that's really all I can do. One day he will know how he was the one that pulled me through this. I never knew such a sweet little baby would be my rock, what makes me smile all the time, and the one person who won't ever leave me. He's an amazing little man. And I love him sooooo so very much.

Monday, March 8, 2010

6 Months Old

Well, I thought I would take a moment to update on what Mason has been up to. Life is completely different now.
Mason is crawling around like crazy. He is getting really good at it, and he's on the other side of the living room within before I know it. Of course that makes my job as Mom even harder, chasing him around all day long. It's so fun to watch him growing and changing. I can't believe he's already half a year old!
He's been eating fruits and veggies. He absolutely loves pears. Bananas he wasn't so sure of at first, but he seems to enjoy them now. He has been such a good baby.
He had his first night away from home, and away from me, and he didn't sleep! The poor little guy knew he was away from home and I guess he just couldn't get used to the new place.
He's started blowing bubbles and raspberries all the time. It's his new favorite thing to do. He makes the most serious face when he's doing it. It's way too cute. Hopefully I can snag a picture of him doing that.
Other than that, he's growing like crazy. At his 6 month appointment he weighed 20.1 lbs and was 26 1/2 inches long. Every day he is doing something new, and it's just so fun to watch. I'm loving every minute of it!
I'm going to attempt to take his 6 month pictures today (although a few days late), but we will see how that goes since he's a baby on the move!