Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Mason,

I can't believe your first year has come and gone. Before I know it, we will be planning your
second birthday party.

When you were born, I fell in love instantly. I know all moms say this, but you were absolutely perfect. And at a year old, you are still perfect. Mommy is so proud of you. You are such a loving, curious, smart little baby. Everyone tells me that you are the best baby ever. And they are right. You never get angry or bored when your Daddy and I want to go out for dinner. You love to watch people and smile at them, and of course you love food.

Hearing you talk for the first time was a trip. But when you started learning how and when to use
words just blew me away. You are getting so smart!

I absolutely love when you give me hugs just because you want to, and how you love everyone around you. You are so loved, but you love everyone just as much.

Everything is new to you, and your Daddy and I get a kick out of watching your amazement and wonder to all of the new things you see and experience.

You love being read to, and I love our quiet time together. You are such a funny little guy. I love that you love Spongebob, because a lot of these other cartoons are obnoxious. You sing and dance, and it's just too cute. Your personality is definitely shining through. You loved being scared, being chased, and chasing Daddy.

As you enter your 2nd year, I look forward to all that you will learn, seeing you grow and change, and loving every minute we have together. I hope your wonder carries with you throughout your life, as well as your sense of humor. You are such an amazing little man, and I couldn't be more proud of you. Keep seeing life the way you do now, with love, curiosity, and humor.

I love you through and through,


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