Monday, January 24, 2011

Long time, no see

Things that have happened recently.
-Christmas (awesome)
-Mason's first haircut (bittersweet)
-I came off the waiting list in school! I will officially be a cosmetology student in April!
-It's snowed like ridiculously crazy. Wth.
And yeah, that about sums it up. I really need to take some time to redesign my blog. It's a little outdated.
Anyway, I am super excited about starting classes. I've been waiting since last summer to come off the waiting list. It's definitely going to strain our budget more since I'll have to put Mason back in daycare, but still won't be able to work. It's already difficult for us to save, but we better start trying since daycare is $100 per week.

I know in the end there is a huge payoff. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be licensed and working! My main focus will be hair (cut and color), but I'm addicted to makeup. I want to be able to offer my clients the best of both, so I'm really excited about learning.

Also, does anyone have any good personal recs for a laptop? I'm attempting to save up (buy selling some around the house things) and hopefully get one soon. We have a home pc, but with a toddler, well I can't just leave him unattending and run upstairs to websurf, blog, etc.

Blah, whatever. End of blog.

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