Sunday, October 24, 2010

Job Hunt

So I've been unemployed since July 9th, and have submitted my resume or filled out applications for more than 30 jobs. Discouraging? I'd say so. To not be able to provide any additional income for my family, to not be able to buy Mason the things he wants/needs, and to not be able to pay the bills, well it's all getting to me.

I can't force someone to hire me. I wish it was easy to get a job. It's like I've done all I can do, but the rest is out of my control. And I absolutely hate it.

If I was in my cosmetology classes, I may not feel like such a loser. However, I am on the waiting list until March, which is when I'll start. Until then I need to work, and I'm running out of options.

I hate being broke. I hate being unemployed. I love being home with Mason. Thank God he keeps me sane. Most moms gripe and moan about their terrorist children they have to stay with all day. I wouldn't lose a minute without my little buddy. He's the best baby ever.

So cross your fingers for me, and send positive job getting vibes my way. I desperately need them.

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Mary Beth said...

Thinking and praying for you lady! I just know something awesome will come around soon! If I hear of anything I'll let you know! I know you love being at home with little Mason. I'd love to be at home with MG!