Wednesday, October 14, 2009

5 Weeks and 5 Days Old

I couldn't imagine life without Mason. He is my main squeeze. Literally. He's so precious I can't help but squeeze his little fat legs sometimes.
Last night Mason slept for almost 7 hours! He then got up around 8 this morning, ate, and feel straight back to sleep around 8:30 and slept until noon! Needless to say, since it's such a rainy dreary day, and the Mister is off work today, we all stayed in the bed until Mason was ready to wake up.
He is starting to get so much more fun now that he is awake more during the day. I've been reading to him, laying him on his play mat and playing with him, putting him in the swing, singing to him, and whatever else I can come up with to keep him happy. He's such a happy baby most of the time. The only time he is ever really cranky is if he wants to fall asleep and is having a hard time, or if he is hungry. The kid is chunky. He's gotta have his food when he wants it and not a minute too late.
I love the way he smells too. I just have to pick him up and hold him sometimes just so I can take in his new baby smell. Unfortunately there are sometimes that the new baby smell is overpowered by the nasty baby smell. Mr. H has been hit pretty hard by those unexpected odors, to the point that he was teary-eyed, gagging, and holding Mason with outstretched arms. Gotta love it.
My little porker is growing like a weed. I tell Mr. H to hold him as much as possible, and love how little he his, because he won't be like this for long.
So I end with some pictures of my beautiful little man for your viewing pleasure. To all those that say that perfection is an impossibility...take a look at this little guy. He is the epitome of perfect.