Friday, October 23, 2009

Life With A 7 week Old

Mason turned 7 weeks yesterday. I can't believe it. The kid is growing like a weed, and time is flying by way to fast.
Things have been going good around here. I love being a Mom to my little man, and being a stay at home Mom is so trying, but so fulfilling at the same time.
Wednesday we took Mason to the pumpkin patch so we could get a pumpking to carve him for his first Halloween.
We are dressing him up this year, but the last time I checked, the kid has no teeth. So no trick-or-treating for him on his first Halloween, but he won't know the difference.
I'm trying to get accustomed to life with a baby still. I think it takes awhile. So many changes on a constant basis, but I'm adapting with him.
He stays awake most of the day now. He might sleep for a good hour or two, but thats about it. Hopefully this means that soon he will start sleeping through the night. We'll keep our fingers crossed on that for sure.
Mason and I miss Daddy a lot, since he works crazy hours. We definitely enjoy our time together.
Well, since Mason is napping (and not for long), I should probably start doing some house cleaning. It might be my only chance to do so without having to hold the little porker in the process.


Amber said...

what are you going ot dress him up as?:)

Jessica said...

A baby deer of course! Lol. It was the first thing Adam bought when he found out I was pregnant.