Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hurricane Makeover

And by hurricane, I mean the glass hurricane candle holder. No discussing Ida here people.
Anyway, I got a little craftsy yesterday and decided to take one of my glass hurricanes and give it a little makeover. I bought these hurricanes a few years back for our engagement party. They've come in handy ever since. I also used them for showers, my wedding, Christmas decor, and all year round use.
So I've got quite a few of these, and just got the urge to give it some oomph.
Tell me what ya think! It only took about 5 minutes to do, and I think it turned out great!
Here is the boring before...

And the fun and fresh after!


Mitzi G.!! said...


Mary Beth said...

ummm...that is AWESOME! make me one? lol!! I wish I had half the creativity and talent you have girl!!