Thursday, September 10, 2009

Life With A One Week Old

Hectic, exhausting, messy, and perfect. I couldn't have imagined it any different honestly.

Just in the short week he has been in our lives, Mason went from being a fussy little man who wouldn't sleep at all during the night, to a happy, content baby that sleeps for 4 hour intervals now. Last night the Mr. and I got up around 4 to get him fed and changed, and he didn't wake up again until a little after 8 this morning.

Breastfeeding is a whole different story. The first day or two that Mason was home from the hospital, he didn't have many wet diapers. The day went on, and we started to get a little concerned. He was more fussy than anything, and as new parents, we just couldn't figure out why. So that evening we decided it was best to supplement with formula for the time being, and that was a good call. He has been such a happy camper since then, and of course, when Mason is happy, Mom and Dad are happy.

I can't get enough of him. When he sleeps during the day I miss him, even though he's right there. Of course I stare at him constantly, and want to hold him all the time.

As far as my recovery process goes, I am still pretty sore. It's really hard to take the time to take care of yourself when you have a little man that needs to be taken care of. His wants and needs will always come before mine, and I am very fine with that! I just need to take some relaxation time for myself, or the recovery process might be a little longer than it needs to be.

I love Mason so much, and the lack of sleep and sanity is completely worth it. Adam has been an amazing father and exceeded my expectations. I'm luckily to have two wonderful people to make up my family.

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