Sunday, September 20, 2009

Crazy Nights, Lazy Days

Life with a 2 week old is pretty hectic. I know that with time things will get easier. Compared to what I have heard with other babies his age, apparently we can't really complain too much.
He's getting into more of a routine, waking up every 3 hours to eat, then falling back to sleep shortly after. It's just draining to do this throughout the night alone. Mr. H works like a maniac, so I give him the nights to rest and relax since I can nap during the day and he can't. That's just the way it has to be. He helps out so much during the evenings after work and on his off days, but the nights are probably the hardest on me. Sometimes Mason fusses more at night, and just wants to be held until he falls asleep. He also dirties his diaper more during the night, so he isn't really sleeping for those 2 and a half hour stretches.
I know I'm new at this, and eventually will get a rhythm going. But unfortunately, I still haven't completely recovered from the delivery, and in combination with the lack of sleep, it takes a devestating toll on the body and mind. Yes, I am napping when Mason naps throughout the day, but I can only do that so much. Laundry still has to be done, food must be eaten, showers taken, and house cleaned. It's definitely hard to find time to do all these in such short intervals throughout the day. Just when you think you've got time to finish something, you just get started before you have to stop.
My family is my world. I know we are doing a great job being Mason's parents, but it certainly is exhausting. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband who has a good paying job that allows me to be at home with Mason, and who helps me as much as he can.
And Mason is doing great. We got to finally see his little belly button today, and he's a happy little man. Let's keep our fingers crossed that in the weeks to come, he will sleep more and more throughout the night!

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Amber said...

awww Jess! I'm sorry you're so exhausted...I'm not a mother (obviously) but I think it's a pretty good sign that he's already sinking into somewhat of a'll do great...just get that breather in when you can and definitely let people help u out! :) Your one of the strongest people i know so do me proud or i might get too scared to go thru with it myself lol. luv ya girl!