Monday, March 30, 2009

The Finer Things In Life

Pregnancy humbles you. It takes you from a mundane lifestyle and hurls you towards a gigantic hole full of fear, anxiety, and happiness. Pregnancy is bittersweet. You prepare yourself to welcome a new life into the world, while saying goodbye to your childhood. Pregnancy is rainbows and puppy dogs, and thunderstorms and bitter cold.

Over the past few days, I've had some time to think. Some time to think about how my life is going to drastically change. About how I was raised, and how I want to raise my child. Motherhood doesn't scare me. I can handle just about anything. Staying up late nights does not bother me, and waking up every hour on the hour is already a part of my routine. Motherhood calms me. It brings me a great sense of peace. It's something I wish everyone around me could feel.

I don't want to wish my life away, and I know that I will enjoy each and every day that I'm pregnant. I will also enjoy each and every moment that I have with my little one and my wonderful husband. No one can say anything that will make me nervous or anxious about any aspect of motherhood. I don't think it's possible. Because raising a child is only scary and difficult if you make it that way. Life is what you make it. If you make it about rainbows and puppy dogs then it will be. If you prefer thunderstorms and bitter cold, then you might have some issues, but it will turn out that way.

I love my little world, and the family that we're creating. This is only something that will make us stronger and happier as a family.

We don't need an extravagantly house to make us happy. We don't need new cars, or expensive anythings to make us a happy family. My son will know the finer things in life. He'll know that grilling hamburgers and hot dogs on a summer day in the back yard makes memories. He'll know that the clothes he wears do not define him. He'll learn that his imagination can be the best toy he can possess. He will learn that music is the key that unlocks your soul. That music creates memories that will last a lifetime. He will always know that his mother and father love him more than anything in the world, and that buying him the world is not the way to show love.

The two words that will frequent his vocabulary are family and love. Because without those you've got nothing.

He will be my little magic man. He'll create it in my life every day, and I won't take any of it for granted. And more importantly, he will be the luckiest kid on the planet. Because he will be born into a family with more love than he will ever know.

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Mary Beth said...

that post was so inspiring to me! and exactly how i feel about pregnancy!