Monday, March 2, 2009

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Mamasita. Where do I begin?
I believe it started, when you gave birth to an abnormally large child, weighing in like a boxer, at 9 pounds and 9 ounces. As you know, that boxer baby was me. And from as far back as I can remember, you've been so much more than just the woman who gave me life.

You didn't do what most mothers do. You did that and so much more. You taught me to be curious, to make mistakes, to learn, to live, and most importantly, to love. As a kid, you let me do the things a kid should do, and guided me into adulthood. Whenever I have a picnic, I think of you. Whenever I hear the Beatles playing, it makes me think of helping you cook dinner and clean up the house. Whenever I smell any scent from Pier 1, it makes me think of how much money we've blown there.

And now you are guiding me along the path of becoming a wonderful individual, woman, and mother, like yourself.
You are a beautiful, young, and overall kickass Mom. I've learned from the best! Happy 29th Birthday Youngster!

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