Friday, January 8, 2010

2009 In Pictures

I guess I'll join the rest of the blogosphere. Better late than never!
Let's just glance over to the picture on the right. That's how my first day of 2009 started. It saves me from uploading it again. :)
The first visible sign of Mason.

Did lots of pregnant fishing

Celebrated Adam's 24th Birthday, dressed as TLC.

Had a wonderful time at the beach with family and friends!

Luau Party!

Followed by a wonderfully fun Luau themed Baby Shower :)

Only a month left to go!

Getting to see what Mason was going to look like!

The most exhausting, but happiest day of my life. September 3rd. Meeting Mason Jack.

Mason's first Halloween!

Celebrating Mason's 3 Month mark!

My best friends are getting married!

And of course, Mason's first Christmas!


Mary Beth said...

what a year!! love this post!!

Mitzi G.!! said...

Mason is a cutie pie.....LOVE the DAWGS banners behind your best friends picture!!

Jessica said...

Thanks! I made that for our Georgia/Georgia Tech party we had. Gooooo Dawgs! :)