Tuesday, January 19, 2010

American Idol Hype

I absolutely hate American Idol. I can't stand to watch it, I loath hearing anything about it, and want to slap the person who says "Hey, did you see the guy on American Idol last night?" No. I didn't. Don't want to. Wouldn't get paid to.

I simply have no desire to watch people who know they can make a fool of themselves and get their 15 minutes of fame by doing so. Nor do I have the desire to watch the singers who are actually good go through grueling month(s) long process of singing Broadway musicals, horrible renditions of good and original music, which ultimately comes down to two or three people who all end up getting a contract in the end.

I just don't like it. As with the New Moon (Twilight saga), it annoys me that the majority of the population only has this one commonality to discuss. TV. Seriously. There was an earthquake in Haiti, and all people can talk about is "Pants on the Ground".

Oy Vey.

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