Friday, January 29, 2010

Fitness Friday Among Other Things

Fitness Friday is here, and I dreaded getting on the scale this morning. I was pretty certain that I would gain weight this week. I was wrong!
Start Weight: 203.6
Today's Weight: 200.2
Weight lost: 2.6lbs.
Doesn't seem like a lot, but it's a small step in a long journey. I know after having a baby that weight loss isn't going to come as easy as it did before I was pregnant. 60 pounds in 5 months is fast! My goal is to be 20 lbs lighter than my original weight by vacation time (May). So I've got about 3 and a half months! I think I can definitely do that!

Mason had his first taste of veggies yesterday! I gave him some sweet potatoes for dinner, and he scarfed them down! With his chunky little butt, I think he isn't going to find a food he doesn't like.

Also, we got Sophie in the mail today! Wahoo! I showed her to Mason and squeeked her a few times. He looked at me, smiled, and started chewing away. I think the two of them will get along very nicely!

As far as the Etsy store update. All of my fabrics have come in, and I started making some magnets last yesterday. They are turning out super cute, and I may keep a few for myself :) I mean everyone needs their fridges to be stylish too right?

For your viewing pleasure, little Mason and his yummy first taste of real food.

Who can resist those baby Yoda ears?

His new buddy, Sophie.

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