Friday, January 15, 2010

First Fitness Friday!

Alright, I said I was gonna do this, so here it is. Today is my first Fitness Friday post! I will start by saying that I'm not really ashamed to display my weight. It is what it is and it's solely a number. But on my journey towards feeling healthy and confident, I will post my actual weight each week.
First, I must add that during my final month of pregnancy I weighed the most I've ever weighed in my life. 252 lbs. 4 months later and as of my weigh in yesterday, I am down 49 pounds. Meaning that my current weight is 203.2 lbs. My goal this week is to make sure I am drinking plenty of water each day, and if the weather permits, take Mason on a daily walk around the neighborhood.
My long term goal is mainly to feel good about myself and have energy. If that means I'll lose 20 lbs or 60 lbs, then so be it.
And there ya have it, my first Fitness Friday post!


cliff said...

I have been heavy. I have been almost thin. I am now somewhere in between, hanging around 145 pounds. I can tell you that the ideal weight for you is the weight at which you feel healthy and happy. Never let an arbitrary number dominate your life to the point that it hampers your enjoyment of each and every day. Exercise, be healthy, eat well and sensibly--let Weight Watchers help you to find that weight at which you're healthy and happy. That's what's important!

Amber said...

Jess!! Proud of you am I!:) I need to get some yummy recipes from you because Weight Watchers seems to still be the only thing that problem so far is that I get bored of the normal foods that i grab from my selected menu...