Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year, New Things Part 1

In most cases, even last year, I have always been against New Years Resolutions. For the most part, they are all about breaking a bad habit, losing weight, and so forth. However this year is different for me. I'm a Mom now. So what if I decide to have a few New Years Resolutions this year? Big whoop. The fun part is seeing if I can stick with them, meet goals, and all that happy crappy.
First of all, I did say that I wanted to take a picture a day. So far so good. Now if I don't have the chance to blog regularly, I may not actually post all of them. I'll attempt to, and if I do get a few days behind, I'll see if I can get them all caught up.
Mason turned 4 months old yesterday, so I took a few pictures of him in his 4 month onesie. See how big my little man is getting? Old folks don't joke when they say "Time flies". That's the damn truth.

He will have his 4 month "well-baby check" on Wednesday. Then I will be able to see how fat and long the little chubs is doing. He also gets his dreaded second round of vaccinations, which I am not looking forward to whatsoever. I've got the Mr. to accompany me to the appointment and after a good dose of baby Tylenol, well who am I kidding, it's sure to be another tear fest between Mason and I to see who can cry more like a baby. I'm sure I'll win.
In case you're wondering about the Part 1 in the title, deal with it. Actually, it's simply because I don't have time to completely finish this post about my resolutions due to the fact that my sweet little guy has just awoken from a good 12 hour slumber. Mason says "Eeeeeeeeeeeeehhhh Ahhhhhhhhh", which in baby language is "I'm awake, good morning, I'm happy, come get me!" So, as I gulp down the last remaining bit of my lukewarm coffee, finish the last few sentences of my post, and shake a bottle all at the same time, I think "Damn, I'm a good multi-tasker."

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Mitzi G.!! said...

That is a beautiful photo!