Thursday, January 28, 2010


Just wanted to say, I failed miserable at taking a picture a day. However, I am playing around with my camera a lot more, trying to figure things out. I'm getting some very helpful tips from free classes online (not really classes, more like reading a PDF). I'm hoping Mason's 5 month pictures next week *YES, 5 months NEXT WEEK!* will be awesome.

Looking forward to getting my supplies in the mail! Once that happens and I spend a few hours making some things, my etsy store will be up and running. I hope to have the Grand Opening on Monday! Hopefully on Monday I will have a link for everyone to check it out!

Mason sttn (slept through the night) again last night! Hoorah! I was thrilled to hear his little happy squeals this morning at 7:30. I did wake up at 4:30 and have a bit of a freak out, but once I checked on him saw that he was still sawing logs, all was right with the world.

Tomorrow is Fitness Friday, and I'm just hoping that after the bad week I've had that I haven't actually gained weight. If I maintained, cheers to me. I know I probably won't lose, but that's what I get for having a few too many gin and tonics last Saturday eh?

Eventually I'll have a blog that has a freaking picture in it. I feel like such a blog slacker for not having some form of visual entertainment.

Also, I am planning on having a giveaway to promote my Etsy items. I'm wanting to give away something neutral, so I am thinking of doing some burp cloths that aren't too "girly" or too "boyish". Thoughts? And if anyone (c'mon blog stalkers) would like to host the giveaway, I'd be more than happy to let you! Once I get the creativity juices flowing, I could definitely send pictures, details, etc.

Happy Thursday!

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Mary Beth said...

i'm such a blog stalker of yours! and i would love to host your giveaway! love reading about you and little Mason and I'm excited about your store!!