Friday, July 31, 2009

20 Things You May Or May Not Know About Mr. H and I

1. We started dating when we were 16.
2. We love UGA football.
3. We went to a total of 4 proms.
4. On our honemyoon in Vegas, we pretty much stayed intoxicated 80% of the time. Free drinks? Who wouldn't.
5. We would choose to be at the beach in Gulf Shores than any other place in the world.
6. We've been to Gulf Shores 8 times together.
7. Mr. H is Hawaiian. I'm not.
8. In regards to why we may be having a large child, both Mr. H and I were over 9 pound babies.
9. Mr. H picked the name Mason, and I didn't like it to begin with.
10. Mr. H's favorite meal is meatloaf and mashed potatoes.
11. I couldn't tell you what my favorite is, because I'm not a picky eater at all.
12. Mr. H has two sisters and three brothers. I have one brother, two step-sisters, and two step-brothers.
13. 9 times out of ten, we can't watch a movie together because Mr. H falls asleep within the first ten minutes.
14. Now that I am pregnant, Mr. H is a bed hog, and has elbowed me in the face quite a few times in the past few weeks.
15. We love to be around family and friends, having a good time, all the time.
16. We broke up once, and it lasted for 3 days. We realized we couldn't move forward without each other no matter how tough things were.
17. It took Mr. H 5 and a half years of dating to propose, and we were engaged for almost a year and a half.
18. We definitely weren't trying to get pregnant 3 months after our wedding.
19. In high school I referred to Mr. H as "pookie" and he referred to me as "dessie bear" (and still does).
20. We're going to outlast every marriage known to man, because we rock.