Thursday, July 30, 2009

35 Week Appointment-Transverse, Possibly Breech

Just returned from my doctor's appointment, and Mason is measuring even MORE ahead than he has been. At 35 weeks, I'm measuring 39 weeks. So he's still a big boy. The doc wanted to feel around to see if he felt big, which she said he did, and also to see if I was dilated any. No dilation yet! I didn't think there would be this early on though. I still have 5 weeks left!

She also said that she didn't think he was head down. She couldn't really tell what his position was, but she seems to think he is transverse. This makes sense to me, considering I can feel where his head is and his feet are. And he's basically lying sideways across my belly. Unfortunately, it's impossible to have a vaginal delivery this way, and there are two options.

1). Have a procedure done called "version", where I would go to the hospital, have an epidural, and my doctor would attempt to move Mason in the correct position. The success rate of this procedure is very low, and it is also a very painful procedure to go through. Most babies will move right back into the tranverse position, and therefore require a c-section in the end.
2). Schedule a c-section. And if I go into labor before that date, it would still result in a c-section. Obviously.

With the combination of the doc thinking he is tranverse, and that he is measuring so large, we scheduled an ultrasound next week (36 weeks) to more accurately determine his position and size. I know that babies have the tendency to flip/move on their own before labor, or even during labor. However, like the doc said, with him being a larger baby (and considering he's been in this position for awhile), he may not actually make a move from here on out.

I'm glad he's a big healthy boy, and his heart rate was good as well. My blood pressure was normal, and all that jazz. I had my Group B strep test (which was not bad at all), and will get the results back at next week's appointment.

That about sums up my appointment. Keep your fingers crossed and send some baby somersaulting dust my way.

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I will keep you in my prayers.