Monday, July 27, 2009

Possibility of Induction?

As mentioned at the end of my previous post, I am going to discuss the possibility of induction for me at my appointment this week. I thought this would need some more explanation, so here it is.
Mr. H and I has been discussing the upcoming weeks, labor and delivery, and our thoughts and plans surrounding Mason's arrival. Unfortunately, will Mr. H's promotion, getting time off of work is not really an option. This is not because he works for a shabby company by any means either. They understand that having a child is as big of a deal as it should be, but it just might not be a possibility for him to have his route covered if I were to go naturally.
Let me give you a scenario to better help explain.
Let's just say that tonight I go into labor and we rush to the hospital. And tomorrow Mason arrives. If Mr. H is working a store and cannot find someone to cover for him, it may be awhile before he can leave and join me at the hospital. Also, if he cannot find someone to cover for him, he would have to leave the hospital at some point during the day to go back to work and finish his route. Either of which, I wouldn't be a happy camper.
Most would ask, "Why is it so difficult to get his route covered?". Well, there are two extras. One whose first day on the job is this morning - and who will be in training for 5-6 weeks, and the other, who covers the routes of those who are on vacation each week.
Another question, "Why not take FMLA?". Because we are two young people, one of which is unemployed, who are having a child. Financially speaking, we can't afford for Mr. H to take unpaid time off.
And lastly, "So how would being induced help the situation any?". Mr. H's employers have informed him that if we knew ahead of time, it would be easier for him to have his route covered. But for it to happen unexpectedly, well, it's up in the air on exactly how things would go down.
I definitely want my husband to be there, and I know he does too. So I am hoping that given the circumstances, as well as Mason measuring ahead of schedule, this is something that could work out for us. I don't really like the idea of making Mason come out for our convenience if he isn't ready, but I don't really like the idea of going through the birthing process without Mr. H there as well. And I guess I can be selfish.
Of course the Doc can say no, and of course she could also set an induction date for me and then Mason decides to come before it. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!

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