Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Well, I guess we spent the 4th like most people. Eating good food, being with friends, and shooting off fireworks. The weather was hot, and waking up to a rainy day today was really nice.
Mason liked the fireworks. The noise really woke him up and got him kicking like crazy.
Next Saturday is our 3D/4D ultrasound, and it's been 15 weeks since I've since my little guy, so it'll be really nice to see what he's doing in there. And of course, to see his face!
Other than that, not much has been going on. I'm 31 weeks and a few days! Time is going by fast. Anywhere in between the next 4 and half to 8 and a half weeks Mason could make his arrival. I'm so, so ready for him to be here.

Things I Miss As A Pregnant Chick
1). Sleeping on my stomach. That's the only way I used to be able to fall asleep.
2). Cold beer on a hot day.
3). My ankles
4). My feet
5). Wearing my engagement ring. I can still wear my wedding band, but that's only because I can't take it off anymore.
6). Walking any short or long distance without getting out of breath.
7). Standing/sitting for long periods of time without it making my feet hurt.
8). Being able to tolerate loud, drunken people.
9). Skinny people clothes.
10). Wearing shoes other than flip flops.
11). Not having constant back pain.

Things I Enjoy As a Pregnant Chick
1). I don't get hangovers.
2). Foot rubs.
3). Feeling Mason roll around like a jumping bean.
4). Knowing that the end result of this is well worth it, and it's one part of my life I get to be over with once it's done.
5). Mr. H, being the great husband that he is, (and also knowing that there are certain things much easier for him to do than me) has been making sure I've got what I need.
6). Swimming. I enjoyed it before getting pregnant, but it has definitely helped much more since I've been pregnant.
7). Getting to indulge in my cravings. It's the one time during a woman's life that she actually gets complimented on her weight gain. "Pregnant women are so cute." Pft. Whatever people.
8). Pregnancy fatigue is a good reason for being lazy.
9). Did I mention foot rubs?
10). Bubble baths.


Bounty said...

Not very long at all! Do you feel prepared for the birth yet? I just had my first baby, a little boy called Marlow, such a great experience. Have you thought about ynames yet? is a great place to search as you can look by origin and meaning!. Love the blog - I really hope things go well for you hun! xxxx

Mary Beth said...

oh my gosh jessica, i can't wait for you to experience the miracle that is birth. molly grace is even more than i could have ever imagined her to be. i'm so excited for you!! not too much longer! hopefully we can see each other before your little one arrives.