Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Recap

This is what went down this weekend for me.
Friday Mom and I ventured to Marietta for Frank's funeral, and it was a beautiful service. My wonderful, darling husband decided to give us some "easy directions" on how to get to the funeral home, in which we got lost. We made the best of it of course. Mom packed some Diet Coke's and all kinds of snacks, so it wasn't bad on this pregnant lady at all.
Frank's daughter, Frances, played the guitar and sang for him as well as the guests, and she did an amazing job. I don't see how such a young girl could have so much strength to do that in front of 300+ people. It's always good to see family again, but of course it would be better under different circumstances. It was bittersweet saying a final farewell to Frank, knowing that this phase of his life is over with, but the next has just begun.
We also went to Babies R Us, and got Mason some of the last minute things he needed. His changing table has been assembled and put into place (thanks to me, don't let Mr. H tell you he put it together). We also got some random things I'll need for him and for myself, which is always a relief since I seem so ill-prepared.
Saturday was spent lazying around the house until that evening, when we went to Tommy and Sandy's for a cookout. It's always good food and good company there, so we definitely had a great time. Plus it is a bonus for me to just get out of my house.
Yesterday Mr. H and I spent the day at Mom and Phil's, just chatting and relaxing. It was very enjoyable and Phil cooked us a great meal.
I'm hoping this week will fly by fast. I will be 35 weeks on Thursday, and will have my 35 week appointment. This is when I start going to the doctor every week! I can't believe it! I'll have my first internal (oh joy!) to see if I am making any early progress yet, as well as my last pregnancy test for Group B Strep. I'm going to talk to the Doc about induction possibilities, since it may be a small posibility for Mr. H to be present at the birth if I go naturally. That is a different blog in itself.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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