Wednesday, July 15, 2009

32 week 6 day Doctor's Appointment

Just got back in from my doctor's appointment, and everything is looking relatively good. Mason is still measuring ahead (roughly 35 and a half weeks) and his heartbeat is strong. My blood pressure was normal, and I've gained WAY to much weight. Of course, I'm definitely not revealing the number for everyone to see. Tough cookies.

She also found sugar in my urine, which is a good indicator of gestational diabetes. She said that although my test results came back normal, with him measuring ahead and the sugar in my urine, she wants to look at it as if I may have GD and basically keep an eye on it.

I'll have my next appointment two weeks from tomorrow with my first internal to check for effacement and dilation as well as group B strep (my last "test"), and she wants to follow up with a growth ultrasound at either my 36 or 37 week appointment. We definitely don't want to have a big 10 pounder, so I'm hoping to avoid that at all costs.

That's pretty much all that went down at the doc's office! After my next appointment I'll be going weekly, so it's definitely going to make time fly by!

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Good Luck with everything!!