Monday, May 11, 2009

Beach Baby!

Phil brought his laptop and set up the wireless, so I thought I'd post a quick post so everyone could be jealous of the fact that I am 50 feet from the ocean! :)
We've been having a wonderful time relaxing on the beach, by the pool, and being with one another. Mr. H caught a hammerhead shark last night, about 3 feet long. It was pretty cool. Steph and I have been fishing with the boys as well, and caught a few sail cats as well. Mr. H caught a flounder this morning! Pretty cool. The guys have a daily bet on first catch, most catches, and biggest catch. So far I think he's in the lead. We'll see how long that lasts.
I took a nice nap this afternoon. I love naps. Wonderful.
Also, I got my first stranger comment! We went to Doc's Seafood Shack last night for dinner, and the waitress said "So, when are you due?". It took me completely by surprise. But at least now I know that I officially look pregnant! :)
And the little guy seems to love the cool ocean and warm sunshine. He's been kicking me like CRAZY!
Oh, and this is for my bud Ally (if she'll read it. I know she may not be expecting an update). I know you've called, but we have absolutely NO cell phone service in the condo. So maybe tomorrow if we get out for dinner or something I'll give you a quick call! Miss everyone!

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