Sunday, May 3, 2009

Computer Issues

So after months of no one at AT&T helping us fix our modem problems, we were finally able to speak to a representative who was helpful. She tells us she is going to overnight us a new modem for us to install and have the internet working as it should in no time.
Well the modem arrives, I go through the motions of the installation process, and run into a simple problem of needing a password. I call and speak to an AT&T rep, who after "helping" for one hour, actually made the situation worse than it was to begin with. We were disconnected when she tried to transfer me to a technical engineer, and I didn't receive a call from them. So now, we still have a modem that does not work, and no internet service which we are paying for each month.
So I've discovered that AT&T has horrible customer service, crappy technical support, and malfunctioning modems. Wonderful. I'm pretty positive that tomorrow I will be calling them to cancel our service and find a new internet provider.
Hopefully one day this week I will be blogging from my computer at home to let you know that we've either resolved this issue with AT&T, or we've moved elsewhere and have a working modem with no problems whatsoever.

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