Thursday, May 28, 2009

99 Days!

So today I am 26 weeks. 6 Days away from being in my third trimester, and 99 days away from Mason's arrival. That's a big milestone! We're down in the double digits! Hoorah!
In pregnancy news, Mason's kicks and rolls are becoming more and more frequent, and definitely easier to feel. A lot of them are actually painful too, especially the ones right around my rib cage.
I won't even post what size and weight he should be, considering he's measuring ahead. So we'll say he's probably already 7 pounds and a foot and a half long.
Mr. H and I have decided to have a yard sale in a few weekends, so we're preparing for that. Any proceeds go to baby's nursery. Donations accepted. I kid. Maybe not.
My Mom and the Australian Man are having a Luau Party next weekend which will be a lot of fun. And the baby shower is set for June 20th!
Lots of things going on in the month of June. Father's Day is June 21st, so I'll have to surprise Mr. H with something. We'll see.

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Amber said...

awww his first father's day! :) I wish I could be there to feel Mason kick! :(