Monday, May 25, 2009

Reasons Why Mommy Loves You Already

1). Your rolling, kicking, and jabbing might be annoying at times, but overall is cute.
2). Just when I think "Mason, why haven't you been moving around a lot today?", you give me a nice huge kick in the ribs just to let Mommy know you are okay.
3). You're going to be half me and half Mr. H, which makes me think you might just be one amazing person.
4). You are growing nice and strong (obviously) and that makes me happy.
5). You are being patient and taking each week like a trooper.
6). You already know how to make me laugh - kicking me whenever I prop a book up on my tummy, or my hands, or have a seatbelt on too tight.
7). You are dealing so well with people's hands being all over Mommy's tummy and poking around to find you.
8.) You've put my life in perspective, and it makes me happy to know that you'll be in it so soon.
9). You've brought back memories of my childhood, how wonderful it was, and how it will play some part into raising you.
10). You have brought Mommy and Daddy a lot closer over the past 6+ months with the news that you were going to arrive, and we appreciate that.


coop120485 said...

I finally firgured this out. So now I can make comments yay :). I think this is a sweet blog by the way, tell lil man we all love him already too haha

Carl said...
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Amber said...

so I accidentally signed in as my husband so you may see carl's name on here! :) But anyways I was saying that this is too precious and you should save these for him! :)