Saturday, May 23, 2009

Time To Dye

I'm going to dye my hair today, finally. I'm counting more and more grey hairs by the day. All thanks to my wonderful mother. Apparently she started getting grey hairs around 22 years old, so there is another way that I am taking after her.
Wonderful. Thanks a lot Mom.
Other than that, it's been a relatively quiet weekend. Which I have enjoyed. We watched the movie Taken, and I definitely recommend it. There is no other way to put it, Liam Neeson is just a bad-ass in the film. Want some action, you should watch it.
I'd love to go see Angels and Demons soon. I loved the book and Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors.
On another note, Mom and Steph are planning a baby shower for me in June. I am really excited about that. I love planning parties or at least helping in the planning process. It's fun to play hostess.
Hopefully the weather will continue to do us well and stay dry for the remainder of the holiday weekend. That would be nice!

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