Monday, June 1, 2009


After a nice relaxing weekend at the house boat, I've awakened to find that there is so much that needs to be done around here.
I think this is maybe why people don't vacation, or relax period. Because once the relaxation is done, you feel like the level of chores and projects just increased tenfold. Won-der-ful.
I thought I'd lay out on the boat yesterday for a little bit, and try to get some tan on my belly. Well, tan I got. My belly looks like a giant red balloon. Mr. H says I tried to fry the kid's brain.
This weekend is the big Luau! Next weekend is Yard Sale extravaganza, and the following weekend is Baby Shower! Of course I still need to get my invites out today. Numero uno on the to-do list: buy stamps, mail out invites.
The weather is beautiful, and I wish I could be outside to enjoy it. Unfortunately my belly is a furnace, so being out in the heat just sets it on fire even more.
I will be 27 weeks this week. Getting way close to 30 weeks, which just freaks me out! Time is slipping away, and still so much to get accomplished!
I will eventually blog something that isn't a post filled with random crap. Eventually. I don't really think I have too much to talk about lately. Oh well.

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