Friday, June 19, 2009

29 Weeks! Doctor's Appointment. Big Child.

Sorry for the delay in blogging. AT&T decided to have crappy service one again, so we were out of internet connection for a few days. Now we've switched to Comcast and have everything up and running correctly. About freaking time.
Yesterday Mason and I had a doctor's appointment, and here is how it went.
Walked in the door and took Glucola. I heard it wasn't too bad, but I got stuck with a crummy flavor - lemon lime. It tasted like sweetened sweat. Yuck. Blood pressure was awesome, checked my weight (which is on target, but still not what I wanted to see), checked Mason's heartbeat (150, awesome!), checked my fundal height, and took a few vials of blood for the gestational diabetes test.
Mason is still measuring ahead of course, so the doc and I discussed the preparations ahead. She is changing my monthly visits to every two week visits (ahead of when she normally starts them) so that we can keep on eye on his growth. We want to avoid me having an 11 pound baby, so she said that at the next appointment or two we may do a growth ultrasound to see exactly what the little guy is weighing in at. The doc says she has no problem with me delivering a healthy 8-9 pound baby, but anything over 9 pounds is considering risky to her, and would like to talk induction if that were the case.
So my next appointment is July 2nd, which is crazy to me. I was expecting to go back at the end of July, but instead, I'll be having 3 appointments in the month of July alone! That is definitely going to make the last leg of the pregnancy fly by!
I've gotten a lot of comments on how huge I am...of course. It's all in my belly, which is fine by me! Mason is definitely an active little boy. He has been kicking, rolling, hiccuping, and going crazy in there. If I roll over on my back in the middle of the night, he proceeds to kick like crazy to wake me up and make me roll over. I guess he wants to start early on the whole disturbing Mommy's sleep pattern thing.
I'll be heading over to Mom's soon to start the preparations/decorating for the baby shower tomorrow. I am super excited! I'm not sure who all will be able to make it, but I'd love to see everyone again. It's definitely going to be a lot of fun. And the cake...oh the cake. This pregnant lady is most looking forward to scarfing down a big fat slice of Honeymoon Bakery cake. It's the same flavor as the bottom tier of my wedding cake!. Delicious. I can't wait for tomorrow to come!

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