Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Dear Mason,

With only 10 short weeks left, your Dad and I are getting more and more anxious about your arrival. The nursery is coming along wonderfully and we are slowly, but surely, getting all of the things necessary to keep you healthy and happy.
The past month or two have been the best time of my pregnancy. With every big kick, punch, and roll, I find myself loving you more. I still picture you being a tiny little version of your father, and I know you will be a beautiful healthy baby. Every week that goes by is a week that you have gained strength, so that definitely makes me happy. It's also one less week that I have to wait to meet you. I've blogged through this entire journey, trying to make sure I note every little detail so that 1) I don't forget this whole experience, and 2) You've got something you'll always be able to look at and see what life was like for your Dad and I before you came along.

You're not even here yet and you've already changed my life in many positive ways. I know that once you are here, the changes will come in abundance and continue with each passing day. I'm ready for the responsibility, I'm ready for the challenge of parenthood, and most of all, I'm beyond ready to have you in my arms.
You have this wonderful family who is dying to meet you as well. My Mom, who you will eventually refer to as your "Mimi" is one of the most amazing people you'll ever meet. And your grandfather, "Pop", may seem to you like a crazy old man who talks funny, but he is a genuine, kind, and wonderful person. Your Aunt Steph, Uncle Chad, and Aunt Ally are our best friends, who will be a big part of your life as well. If you think they are all weird, goofy, and fun, then you're right. They'll probably spoil you rotten, and I'm okay with that.
Aunt Christy, Uncle Cole, and your cousins are wonderful. I know that with your arrival we'll probably be seeing a lot of them. I value family so much, and your little cousins could potentially be your best friends.
When you meet my Dad, you'll probably learn to start pulling on all of his mountain man facial hair. I'm sure he'll let you. He's a laid back kind of guy, and he'll love you very much. You've also got another wonderful grandmother over there, and an Aunt Hannah who has been my sister and best friend since I was young.
And then there is your Father's side of the family. There are so many of them I wouldn't even know where to begin. But it's more love than you could even imagine.
I can't leave out the family that will have a larger-than-life impact on you. Uncle Tommy is a riot, and you better prepare yourself for a lot of noise. Aunt Sandy is the sane one, and she'll be the one taking you somewhere other than were your Uncle Tommy is screaming like a crazy man.
You've also got a great grandmother who will love to meet you. She has called me her Sunshine since I was born. You also have a great, great Aunt Jean who can't wait to meet you. She absolutely loves the name Mason, and I agree with her.
Uncle Cliff and Aunt Susan have been a part of my life since I was a baby. I have fond memories of being at my grandparents house for holidays and visits, and you will soon get to see how great they are.
Unfortunately, you won't get to meet my grandparents. They were two amazing people who made a huge impact on my life. I'll share my stories, show you pictures, and you may still not realize how beautiful they were. However, I'll always speak of them, and try my best to fill you in on all the wonderful details of my life with them.

I know that one day you will be 23 too. I hope that it doesn't fly by as fast as people have told me. I'll cherish every day that you are in my life. But one day you'll realize that you've come from a family who loved you the minute we found out you were going to be in our lives. And I hope that you'll always cherish that family as I have mine. Remember each day of your childhood as best as you can, because its always a time you'll want to go back to. Never be afraid to take a leap, to get hurt (sorry kid, it's bound to happen), to learn, and to love. Love. Love as much as you can. It's important.

We love you kid, and can't wait to meet you. I mean I can wait another ten weeks, so don't get any ideas!


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