Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sunshine on My Shoulders

Today I am doing laundry, heading over to Steph's with Ally to lay out in the beautiful sunshine (Mason enjoys it too), and then having a cookout this evening for Mr. H's neice's birthday!
I think it's going to be a very enjoyable day! Mason decided to wake me up around 6 this morning with a long spell of hiccups (no surprise there). So I've got all of the laundry cleaned before noon! That's an accomplishment.
And I did find out that a high school friend of mine has gotten her induction date set! I know it's definitely exciting to know a date that the baby is going to arrive! Much better than a due date at least. I hope that everything in the final stretch of her pregnancy goes well and her and her sweet little girl are very healthy and happy.
Just thought I would give a quick update. I've had about 5 people say that they still think it's possible for me to be having twins...considering how large I am and how large Mason is measuring. Mr. H is one of the ones that has joked around about this. It's not funny. You cannot joke with a pregnant person about twins. Unless she is having twins. Which I am not. End of story.


Christy said...

I remember when YOU used to give me a hard time about how big I was with Oliver -- this is just karma! It's also what people do, no matter how big you really are they tell you that you're huge.

Mary Beth said...

awww Jessica!! thank you!!! I can definitely relate to the whole "are you sure you're not having twins?" and "oh my goodness, you are SO big". I'm pretty tired of hearing everyone else's opinions on my pregnancy! it makes me want to scream! lol. but you are beautiful and Mason is going to be SO handsome, and you look great pregnant!!! Enjoy it, which I know you are, it's kind of surreal how much little time is left til Molly Grace is here!