Sunday, June 28, 2009

Randomness, Cravings, and Such

I got my fix of crab legs last night, and yes, they were amazing.

I also discovered that I can no longer fit into booths at restaurants. Table please?

Mason has continued to roll around all morning making my belly jiggle like a cat trying to get out of a pillow case.

My husband is building a deer stand that has consumed him for weeks. I forget who Mr. H is. Remind me? Realize that deer season is AFTER Mason is born. The man is crazy enough to think he'll actually want to get up early on his off days to deer hunt. Hmmmm.

I'm sort of freaking out at the amount of stuff we have left to get. The stroller, bibs, high chair, socks, burp clothes, bottles, pack n play, first aid kit, and the list goes on and on, but I will spare you. Being that he could make his arrival anywhere from the next 6-10 weeks, yeah I'm freaking my freak out.

I wish my appointment was tomorrow instead of Thursday. I'd like to see how Mason is measuring, and to get this 3 hour tolerance test out of the way!

Two weeks from today is my 3D/4D! I cannot wait! I'm hoping he'll cooperate so we can get some good pictures of his face!

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