Friday, June 5, 2009

The Weekend Is Heah!

Cleaning is exhausting. I have volunteered to clean my mom's house for the big Luau Party tomorrow, and I'm already taking my first break after cleaning for an hour. At this rate I'm thinking I'll be done somewhere around midnight. Maybe if it didn't take me 15 minutes to bend over and pick something up I could get it done in a more timely fashion.
Mr. H and I ordered a new living room suit that will be arriving tomorrow. We got quite a good deal on it that was just too good to turn down. Now we just have to figure out what to do with our current bedroom furniture. It's gorgeous and it will make me want to paint the entire living room a new color, so that will be the next on the project list. I'm hoping that if we sell the living room furniture we can at least get enough out of it to buy a washing machine. Carrying laundry baskets with a growing belly is not easy or comfortable.
I'm on the prowl for a baby shower dress. It's obvious that no retail companies specializing in maternity wear actually want pregnant women to look nice. You can either 1). Look like a 90 year old or 2). Wear a piece of fabric the size of a tarp and call it a dress. Pregnant have no other options.
I'll update after the Luau and post pictures!

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Mary Beth said...

I hear ya about the baby shower dress hunting! It is SO hard to find something cute that doesn't look like you are 90.