Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Debt Stress

After looking over the bills I have, I was ready to drink an entire bottle of scotch. I'm not a scotch fan, and of course I can't drink, so that just makes me even more frustrated.
Bills suck. Being unemployed sucks.
To give you an example, I currently owe an estimated $14,000 in student loans. Here's the kicker. I am about $700 behind on them. Why? Well 1) Let me reiterate that I am unemployed and 2) We've got around $1100 a month in bills just to keep the power up and running and have a place to live, which makes repaying my personal loans/bill extremely difficult.
Someone better be ready to poor me a stiff drink once Mason arrives.
Granted, my unemployment check helps, but it's nothing compared to the paychecks I was getting. Paying those bills will have to wait just a little while longer. And yes, Mr. H makes good money, but he doesn't really have the money to be paying my personal bills. Even if he did, I couldn't let him. They are my responsibility to repay.
It gets even better.
Did I mention that I'll owe my doctor's office $400 for delivering Mason, 20% of the hospital costs, and an additional $300 I have yet to pay from pregnancy medical bills? Yep. Wonderful.
My biggest priority right now is making sure Mr. H and I have everything we need to live, and that we are preparing for the addition to our family so that he is safe, healthy, and happy. These all cost money.
All I can say is, if anyone wins the lottery anytime soon, please think of me. And if you happen to notice it start raining money one day, let me know exactly where and when this is happening. Hopefully I'll have a few bucks to put some gas in my car and race on over.

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Mary Beth said...

I hear you about the debt. One good thing about being a single mom is that fortunately I am poor enough to receive Medicaid as a secondary to my insurance, so I'm not having to pay anything for little Miss MG to come into the world. But i'm behind on my student loan payments too :(

If I had extra $$, I would def. give it to ya!