Thursday, June 25, 2009

30 Weeks! Drs Appointment

I am three quarters of the way there! Only 10 weeks left to go! I know that from 20 weeks until now, those ten weeks flew by insanely fast. So I know it's probably going to go by even faster now.

Here are some little updates for you.
How far along?: 30 weeks
Total weight gain: I try not to keep up.
How big is baby?: Estimated (by most websites) to be around 3 pounds. Hopefully at the next appointment we'll get to have a growth ultrasound to see how big he really is.
Maternity clothes?: Can't wear anything else. Obviously.
Stretch marks?: Still none!
Sleep?: Depends. Sometimes I get really good sleep, most of the time, not so much.
Best moment this week?: Baby Shower fun!
Movement?: Kicking like crazy, rolling around all across my belly, stretching, and hiccups. So fun
Food cravings?: Sweets. Of course. And chili cheese anything.
Labor signs?: I'm getting huge. I think that's a sign.
Belly button in or out?: Getting flatter.
What I miss: I'd have to say now that it's sleeping on my stomach. I can't wait to be able to do that again.
What I'm looking forward to: My 3D/4D ultrasound! Finishing the nursery/getting the remaining things we need.
Milestone: Reaching 30 weeks!

Well yesterday I heard back from my doctor's office, and my levels from the glucose test were elevated. That means, I get to go back next week and have the 3 hour test. Obviously I am so thrilled about that. It doesn't mean that I have gestational diabetes. The second test I will take next week will determine that. However, the good news is that, from the research I have done, almost 85% of women who's first test was elevated ended up not being diagnosed with gestational diabetes after their 3 hour glucose. I'm hoping I fall into that statistic!
I'm not really worried about it at all, and I'm not one of those people who is afraid of needles or really most pain at all. It's just that I now have to sit at the doctor's office for over 3 hours and have my blood drawn every hour. It's a hassle. It's not really how anyone wants to spend three hours of their day.
But it'll be over with before I know it, and I can focus on the million and one things I need to do to prepare for Mason's arrival!

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