Friday, June 12, 2009

The Day I Found Out Part II

After Christy and I talked for what seemed like an eternity (due to my frantic state), I got off the phone and continued to work up a sweat by pacing around the house. A few minutes went by and my phone rang. Stephanie was calling me. Being that she is one of my best friends, this was big news for her. And she made it really easy on me to tell her the news. I think our conversation went something like this.
Me: "Hello?"
Stephanie: "You're pregnant."
Me: "Yeeeeaaaaaah."
Stephanie: "What? HOLY SHIT ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Dude, when did did you...are you okay?"
Me: "No, I'm not okay. I'm freaking the crap out. I'm home alone, pacing around the house like a mad woman and shaking so bad I can barely hold the phone."
Stephanie: "Holy shit. I'm on my way over."
End call.
As I continue to pace -yes, I did this for pretty much the whole day- Allison calls me back. Our conversation went a little something like this.
Allison: "Hey man is everything okay?"
(Before I continue, I must point out that both Allison and Stephanie sleep well past 9am on most days, but especially holidays and weekends. So for them to have received a call from me as early as 8am does spark some concern for them).
Me: "No, not really."
Allison: "Well what's wrong?"
Me: "Well I took a pregnancy test and it was positive."
Allison: "SHUT UP" (Screaming, squealing, more hyenas). "I'm coming over".

With my two best friends on the way over to try to help me regain my sanity, I hyperventilated for awhile and paced even more. Stephanie calls me on the way to ask if I need anything, which I did. I specifically needed the biggest Diet Coke she could find, with lots of ice. She laughed at me and commented on the cravings beginning already. I reassurred it that it was simply the fact that I hyperventilated myself to death, so something refreshing would be really nice.

Allison and Steph could help me out a great deal in telling how the events of the day went on. Because of my state of mind, some things seem foggy and some seem very vivid. I do know that we sat around the house and freaked our freak out for a few hours, went to BoJangles for breakfast, and devised a plan on how to tell Mr. H and my Mom.

Mr. H got home from work, and I wanted to come up with a cutesy tootsy way of telling him. So I picked up a tiny Georgia football (who knew that months later it would be appropriate when we found out he was a boy) and an "I Love Daddy" onesie.
I put these all in the bag in a specific order. Football would be found first, then the onesie, and then if he was really an idiot - the pregnancy test last.

Chad and Mr. H had made plans to go fishing that evening, so they were kind of in a hurry. I give him the gift. He opens it, finds the football, and looks at me funny. He opens the onesie, looks at me even funnier, and Chad says "Hell no." So he gets to the pregnancy test and says "Are you f*cking serious? Is this a joke?"
We are the joking kind, so I don't blame him for asking this question. I reassured him it was no joke. He basically asked me this over and over for the next 2-3 minutes. Then he said "I'm going fishing."

I think any woman wouldn't really expect for her husband to have some wonderful reaction to this news, unless it was a planned pregnancy. So I thought his reaction was pretty comical. He gave me a kiss and walked out the door, with the same silly look on his face. Then he comes back inside, gives me a huge hug and kiss, tells me he loves me, and says "I'm really excited."

And a weight was lifted...


Amber said... two are're gonna be such awesome parents...:)

Amber said...

your shower will be way cuter lol...I saw the pics from the luau and it looked like a blast!! :)