Monday, August 31, 2009

Eviction Date Has Been Set!

So after talking to Mr. H about his work schedule, we decided it was best to call the doctor's office this morning to see about scheduling an induction. It was to be scheduled regardless, but finding out today would have been better for us than waiting until Wednesday to find out. Finding out earlier made it easier for Mr. H to figure out when he could be off of work, instead of having the possibility of not being able to take off at all.
I called the doc's office, and they called me back to ask me if Wednesday night would work good for us. Of course! So Wednesday I will go to my regular appointment time to get checked, and that is when they will tell me exactly what time I need to be at the hospital that evening. They will admit me that night and start me on pitocin Thursday morning! So Mason's eviction date is set! :) Let's hope that the labor and delivery process goes smoothly, and we'll be able to meet our little man on Thursday!
As far as visitors go Thursday, I will take that as it comes. We'll keep everyone updated on what is going on throughout the day and what kind of progress I am making. You never know how the labor process will be, and I'd honestly rather not having visitors hanging around all day long if I am sick, tired, or in pain. So we will definitely keep everyone informed, and let everyone know when I'm ready for some visitors!

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