Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Dr's Appointment!

We just got back from my 36 week checkup, and good news!
-Mason's heartbeat is 141. Good.
-After having the growth ultrasound we determined that he is HEAD DOWN! Extra good!
-He is actually measuring just a few days ahead, with a weight estimate of 6lbs 8oz. With him gaining around a half pound per week, that means he should be born aronud 8lbs 8oz. We'll see!
So good news all around! I'm very excited that I don't have to have a c-section because of his positioning, or an induction due to his "large" size. Now I just wait and see when he decides he's ready to make his arrival!
I know this means I could be pregnant for another month, but I'd rather be pregnant for another month than have to go through a major surgery and recovery. My fluid levels were a little increased (not much), and she said that I may have been measuring ahead due to that plus the position he was in.
Either way, I was so excited to hear that he's head down now! Definitely made my day!
Now it's time to start the walking, eating spicy foods, and all of the other natural ways to start labor. We'll see how that goes! Ha!
My next appointment is next Tuesday morning, so it will definitely make this week fly by fast.

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