Thursday, August 27, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Since my pregnancy is inevitably drawing to a close, I thought it would be appropriate to give a thank you post. A thank you post to all of the people that have helped Mason and I throughout this pregnancy.

Mom and Phil, thanks so much for everything you've done. You've kept me sane on my crazy days when I've just needed to get out of the house. You've provided me with chocolate/caramel craving fixes from Phil's candy stash. You let me vent about how pregnancy sucks a lot of the times, and given me positive advice on how this will all be beautiful in the end. You have given Mason and I a lot of nice things that will be so very helpful and needed after his arrival. I can't complain about the foot massages either. I appreciate all the wonderful things you've done to support me being a big, fat, pregnant lady.

Steph, you rock. You are so excited about Mason's arrival, and it's nice to have someone I can sit and talk with about all of the wonderful things he will bring to my life. You too have kept me very sane throughout this pregnancy. From the moment I found out, when you rushed to my house with my very specific demand of Diet Coke WITH ice, you have been there every step of the way. You've let me bitch, whine, gripe, and complain. You and Mom hosted such a wonderful baby shower and I really appreciated that as well. And Mason will love his pack n' play too! It'll make my life so much easier, but he will be surrounded by people and love all the time.

Mr. H. "YOU DID THIS TO ME". Kidding. I'm not really sure how you handled the news of baby Mason, but thinking it was a cruel joke was pretty funny. You've helped me more than you know, but there is still a lot to be done to prepare for the munchkin. Thanks for all of the foot rubs, sweet messages, "you're beautiful"s, and dinner when I didn't feel like making it. Thanks for all the macho man stuff that I could no longer do, and doing the simple things, like getting me a glass of water just because you know it's easier for you to do than me. I'm so excited to meet our little man, and I know you are too. It won't be long!

To everyone else (because I could make this post a really long one if I continue)...thank you for the gifts, support, kind words, and encouragement throughout my entire pregancy. Mr, H. and I have a world full of so many wonderful people, and Mason will be a lucky little guy to have that world too.

From Mason and Mom, we both say Thank You.

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