Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm Still Pregnant

Reasons I am beyond ready to have Mason here now:
1). I want to meet him.
2). I want to hold him.
3). I want to sleep on my stomach.
4). I would really like for my hips to stop hurting. It's the newest and cruelest pain I have.
5). I'm ready to say hello to my regular feet again.
6). I'm ready to use all of the cute stuff we've spent money on.
7). I'm tired of people asking me every day when I'm due, or when I'm going to have this kid.
8). I'm sick of having contractions that don't turn into anything.
9). I hate waddling. It's not very flattering.
10). I would like a nice cold beer.
11). I would like to have two ice cold beers.

But mostly, I'm just ready to meet my son. The anticipation is really getting to me. It's frustrating at this point to know that he could come at any day, but to keep telling myself that I still have over a week until my due date. I know "he'll come when he's ready". I get sick of hearing that too. It's like people forget that I've been pregnant since December, and I don't know anything about this entire pregnancy process or how a child is born. C'mon. The majority of times, they do come when they are ready. However sometimes they do need a little assistance. Ya never know.

My next doctor's appointment is tomorrow morning. I'll get to find out if I've made any progress, and hopefully she'll be able to feel his head this time. If not, then I get to have another ultrasound to determine what exactly he is doing in there. I'm hoping my blood pressure isn't through the roof this time either. Last week it wasn't good, and I have been as much of a couch potato as I possible could this week. So I'm hoping the pure boredom I've experienced all week long will pay off.
I will definitely update tomorrow as soon as I know something. My appointment is the first of the day (7:50am, woohoo!).

My doctor's office is great. When you are this far along in your pregnancy they let you get first pick of appointment times, instead of just giving you random times throughout the day. The receptionist knows I like to be the first or second appointment each time, just so I can get in and out quickly. So it shouldn't be a long appointment. I'll keep my fingers crossed. They know that us full term pregnant ladies don't really want to be sitting for hours in a doctor's office for a 5-10 minute appointment. And everyone else should keep their fingers crossed that I either 1). Find out something good or 2). Have made some progress!

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