Friday, August 14, 2009

Impending Labor Signs? Hmmm.

I woke up this morning at 8:30. Eventually I will see that as sleeping in, but right now, that is getting up at a pretty decent time for me. I ate some Pop Tarts (very nutritious breakfast, but hey, I'm pregnant) and got to cleaning. The kitchen has been cleaned top to bottom already, and I'm going to start on the living room next.
Keep in mind that I just did a big house cleaning not even a week ago. I'm sure it doesn't really need it that bad, but in my nesting mind, it's disgusting.
The laundry has been started and it's going through it's cycles. The trash has been taken out.
I think I've accomplished quite a lot for a 37 week pregnant person in the first three hours of my day.
More than anything, I just want the house to be clean when we come home from the hospital, so that I don't need an army of people to come over and lend a hand. It's one less thing to worry about.
Is nesting really a sign of impending labor? No. I've been nesting for quite awhile now. But I do think it's strange that pregnant women experience this weird, must-clean-everything attitude in the last few weeks of pregnancy. It's not that it "just needs to be done". It is more like preparation. You know every day brings something new, and that something new could be your screaming, crying, new baby. So time to get the house in ship-shape. Or something like that.
I also feel the need to be cleaned and showered at all times. Why? Because who wants to go to the hospital when you are dirty and in your pjs? I know I'll have time to do this, but I just have a feeling that when it is truly "go time", my mind won't be on if I've showered, fixed my hair, and applied makeup.
And lastly, I feel the urge to stay very close to home. My little bubble of a life does not reach far anyway, but I am afraid to venture out anywhere. When the time comes, everything I need is here at home. Very strange.
I don't think these really mean anything. I wish they did. I wish it meant that tomorrow would be the day. I wish that there was a definitive sign that us pregnant ladies get that says "Alright, it's real, it's time, go to the hospital idiot."
If only it was this simple.
Instead we sit and wait on our water to break (which could be one big gush or a constant leak), or contractions to start up. Are they Braxton Hicks or real contractions? Are they 3-4 minutes apart for more than an hour? Are they intensifying in strength and frequency? Who the hell knows.
I think they should just come up with a labor test. Just like the pregnancy test you start with. Within 2-3 minutes you'll know if you are in labor, and just like the first test, will know that your life is drastically about to change.

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