Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dogs, Aprons, and Pictures OH MY!

I really don't have a purpose of writing today. This blog is specifically due to sheer boredom. Cheers to being unemployed and pathetic!
Baby updates. Let's see. None really. Moving on.
Mr. H got one half of the yard fenced in yesterday, which is awesome. We are trying to finish fencing it in before the little guy gets here so that we can throw our annoying ass dog outside 24/7. And to expand on that a bit, never ever jokingly say that you want a baby or a puppy. (That way you can scare the crap out of your husband and talk him into getting you a puppy). Because in my case, I got the puppy, and found out three weeks later I was getting the baby as well. And within the next few days started to realize how much I DIDN'T want the puppy.
I guess I'm not a dog person. Well, I don't guess, I know I'm not. I thought having a big dog was different than having little yippy annoying crap bag. But it's not. They are just very large, knock you over, bark-louder-than-a-ships-horn, dig-holes to-China-in-your-back-yard, annoying crap bags.
Enough of that.
I made an apron that had a crooked pocket on it, but it was my first attempt in the sewing department and I was damn proud. Next project is decorative pillows for my couch. I mean, heck, if I can sew them, I don't have to spend $30 per pillow from Crate and Freaking Barrel. And any area that we can save is simply awesome.
Here is a picture that I took that I thought was just pretty awesome as well. I took it awhile back, but I love it.

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