Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Significance of Dreams Part 1

So I've been told that with pregnancy comes extremely detailed, vivid, and crazy pregnancy dreams. And after reading my uncle's blog post on his dreams, and my mom's encouragement to blog about the dreams I've been having, I thought I'd give it a shot.
Since I am at my mom's doing laundry, I can actually have internet access longer than 2.5 seconds.
First of all, I'd like to give some sort of a background on my dreaming. When I was younger, like most kids, I had nightmares and dreams on a constant nightly basis. As I got older my dreams subsided, but then picked up in consistency around the age of 19 or 20. Most of my dreams in my early adult years have been those random crazy dreams, with only a few of those having any significant meaning behind them whatsoever.
So here is my dream. The dream started with me actually waking up from sleep in my bedroom in an immense amount of pain. I realized that I was having contractions and woke Mr. H to take me straight to the hospital. Of course in dream world, a split second later we were getting out of the car at Floyd Hospital to walk into the main entrance. As soon as the automatic doors slid open, we saw my grandfather (Papa) walk from our left, straight in front of us, to our right. Of course Papa has passed, and in my dream, Adam and I knew this. It's not like he was a living person, and we were living in a world were my grandparents had yet to pass on. We knew he wasn't alive, and Adam and I exchanged this look of shock and curiosity. Adam then says "What is he doing here?", to which I replied "I have no idea".
We weaved our way up to the third floor, Labor & Delivery, which is literally one hall away from the room that Papa passed away in. As soon as the elevator doors opened, we saw him walking down the hallway away from us. I told Adam to hold on, and I followed him. He walked directly into the hospital room that he spent his last weeks of life, and my grandmother (Mimi) was standing there. They didn't notice me, but I was watching. And Mimi grabbed her purse and said "Are you ready? Let's go."
I turned, met up with Adam, and we went to Labor & Delivery to be admitted. Moments later, I was in the hospital bed surrounded by Mom, Phil, Cole, Christy, and Adam. Outside of my room window, propped up ever so casually was Mimi and Papa. They were face to face with one another, laughing and chatting. I kept asking Adam "Why are they here? I don't understand". And in my dream, all I felt was constant anxiety and curiosity. I would equate it to the feeling of a falling dream. Waking up and feeling like you can't catch your breath, and the feeling of panic. So then Adam turns to me and says "Sweetie, they are here because you want them to be. It's a big day and you wanted them to be a part of it. So they are here."
Immediately I felt a sense of calm, peace, and relief. It was as if this anguish and grief in my heart was immediately lifted.
And then I woke up.

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