Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pregnancy Shopping

I'm talking groceries. Last night Mr. H and I went to the grocery store to "get a few things" to last us throughout the week.
So, $150 later, our shopping cart was filled with random assortments such as: chocolate covered doughnuts, Lucky Charms, $15 New York Strips, a can of Cool Whip, pickles, mangos, Creamy Tomato Soup (only to eat with popcorn and/or grilled cheese), and chicken pot pies.
Chicken pot pies? Seriously? I think the last time I ate one of these I was about 12 years old.
But thanks to a trip to KFC with my good friend Stephanopolis, I started to reminisce about eating those things when I was a kid. And just the thought of it, made me have to buy 3. Mr. H said "I won't eat any of those". My reply was "I know you won't. Because I was getting them all for myself."
End of discussion buddy.
Grocery shopping pregnant is like grocery shopping when your hungry intensified by 100. It's not like buying $200 worth of groceries because your hungry. You grocery selection is dependent on what exactly you have been craving at any given moment for the past 2-4 weeks.
My mother knows I've been wanting a mango since day 1 of this pregnancy. Welp, I finally gots 'em Mamasita. And I am going to enjoy every bite.
So forewarning to anyone who may have found out you're pregnant, or planning on getting there one day. Your budget for groceries will double (and for good reason) and your house will be stocked full of the most random assortment of foods. So start saving now. And hopefully your husband too will look at you when you pick up that can of Cool Whip and say "Let me guess, the baby needs it?"
You are damn right the baby needs it. Back off.

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