Saturday, April 25, 2009

Au Naturale or Pain Management?

This has been something I have definitely read into extensively and received lots of opinions about. Personally, I feel that the childbirth experience should reflect solely on what that individual mother plans and expects her experience to be. It is a very personal occasion in which the mother can choose exactly under what circumstances/in what environment they choose. Of course most women opt for the pain free labors and deliveries with good reason. Most women argue that there is pain relief there for a reason, so why not take it?
With that being said, I have opted for the natural method of childbirth. No epidural. This, of course, is if I do not need a c-section. But it's my plan. For me personally, I think that the experience would be more gratifying if I were not on pain medication.
Mr. H and I have discussed different aspects of the birthing process, and what our wants and dislikes are. We've both made it a point that we do not want a barrage of people coming into the birthing room 15 minutes after the birth of our child, and passing him around for an hour or so before he is taken off for tests for 3 hours. I find this to be extremely impersonal. I know our families will be extremely excited about our little guy's arrival, but considering that Mr. H and I made this baby ourselves, and I will have carried him for 10 months, I think that the time immediately after delivery should be reserved solely for Mom, Dad, and Baby only. And if people think that we're being selfish because we don't want to pass around our baby (that we've been anxiously waiting to meet), then they can think that. The baby isn't gonna get up and walk out of the hospital. Four hours later he will be back in the room ready for visitors.
So far, those are definitely the two things I am set on when it comes to my birth plan. I think a lot of women don't take into considering that they can have their labor/delivery experience go exactly the way they want it to. Especially when it comes to hospital births. It's like women through their hands up and think that the hospital dictates every aspect of what is going on.
I am hoping that what I end up wanting in a few months will end up going as planned. I obviously realize that things could go the exact opposite in any given situation. So we'll see how that goes when the time comes. But for right now, I'm definitely thinking about what I want, which is a good first step.

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Amber said...

i can't WAIT to hear about the labor...for the first time EVER i thought about NOT using an epidural when a mom of one of the babies in my class told me about her experience. I know your blog will be brutally honest so I really look forward to it!!:)