Saturday, April 4, 2009

SAHM. (Stay at Home Mom)

I haven't been able to post in a few days since my internet has been down. Last Tuesday I was laid off from my job at State Farm. Pretty much sucks. I've never been fired or laid off in my entire life. But the agent was moving to Dalton, a new agent was coming to Rome, and basically wanted new staff. So it sucks. But that's life.

Mr. H may possibly be getting a route sometime soon, which would basically give him a raise of what my income was PLUS some. If that's the case, I can be a stay at home mom. Mr. H wants me to be at home with our baby boy anyways, and so do I. I think I would be lucky to be able to do that. Not many women have a husband who brings home enough bacon to support themselves and their child. So if we can do it, I'm definitely going to. If not, I don't mind going back to work, it's just the cost of daycare that sucks.

But seriously, who lays off a pregnant chick? One who is almost to the middle of her pregnancy even? It was definitely an eye opener. My entire day was filled with "But how are we going to take care of the baby?" and "How will be able to afford food, paying bills, the house, your truck, and a kid?" Not comforting thoughts. Luckily Mr. H was very kind and considerate (and knows that talking to a pregnant woman is like walking on eggshells).

In the end, we will make it work. Life tends to just fall into place when you aren't even watching. And I know it will. Little man is such a blessing, right now it's hard to be down about anything.

-Mom and Baby H.

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Mich, Lisa, Zoe and Baby! said...

Well that just stinks!!! I work for State Farm in GA (macon) actually. Rude Agent...probably for the best!!

I love your bedding by the way!